3D Print tried for the first time on human hands, scientists get success



Opening the way for filling the wound and developing new treatments for skin disorders

Scientists have succeeded for the first time to try 3D technology on human hands. This will enable the soldiers to make temporary temporary sensors and identify hazardous substances on the battlefield. Researchers have also succeeded in removing the print of biological cells of the mouse on the skin for this technique. This technique can open the trail to fill the wound and develop new treatments for skin disorders.

Michel M. Alpine, a researcher at the Minnesota University of America, said, “We are very excited about the success of this new 3D printing technology. There is a portable and light printer used in it. Its cost is less than $ 400 (about 26 thousand rupees).

According to a study published in the Journal Advanced Material, the feature of 3D printing technology is that its printer can be adjusted from the computer screen. This can easily be scanned by the skin.

McAlpine said, “I am very excited about this technique. This is a very easy solution and can be important in the future. “MacAlpine said, we are imagining a scenario when a soldier will remove this printer from his backpack and according to his need, directly a chemical sensor or someone Others will print the electronics.

This much will be like a fantasy movie, that is, a soldier will find everything he needs in a portable 3D de printing tool. McAlpine is the leader of this research. A special aspect of the new 3D printing technology is that during printing, the printer can adjust itself according to the small movement of the body. Temporary markers are applied on the skin and scanning of the skin.

The printer uses computer vision in real-time to adjust according to the stir. McAlpine said that anyone trying to stay in the skin while using the printer, but there is some movement in the body, but our printer adjusts itself according to this movement.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai

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