About 50 thousand years ago the daughter of two breeds came to know

Denisova mountain of Russia, where there is evidence of the offspring of two breeds.

We all are eager to see how human civilization has reached this level by crossing the boundaries. Archaeologists have achieved great success in this direction. Archaeologists have long found two different species of humans in a cave in Russia. About 50 thousand years later, a group of archaeologists has now discovered that they both had a daughter. DNA of bone fragments found in the cave is believed to be the offspring of two different species. His mother was of Niederthal, whereas the father was from the Denisovan species, which became extinct over time. A daughter was a mixture of these two species.

Neanderthal species spread across Europe and Asia 50 thousand years ago

The extinct Neanderthal species are considered to be the closest and closest relative of modern humans. When the modern humans reached Europe from Africa in the early stages, they became extinct around the same time. It is believed that Neanderthal was spread almost throughout Europe and Asia almost 50 thousand years ago.

Denisova mountain of Russia, where there are evidence of the offspring of two breeds. This finding, published in Nature, can be used to give an idea of how the life of humans was used. Neanderthal and Denisovan were like humans like us, but they were related to different species.

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Vivian Sloan, a researcher from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology of Germany, said that through earlier studies we know that Neanderthal and Denisovan would have ever met and both of them had also produced children but I never thought that we would be so fortunate that We will get the proof of this.

Are we all children of that mother?

At present, some parts of the DNA of non-African people match the Neanderthal species. At the same time, DNA of some non-African people also meets the Denisovan species of Asian people to some extent. It is clear from the changes in mutual relations and DNA for many generations that different breeds were born together. However, evidence of this fact is found only in Altai Mountains of Siberia.

It is found in less than 20 alleged ancient humans that they were a mixture of different breeds. Dr. Sloan said that very few of these evidence have been found to be equal share of both species. When you look at other studies, you will find that the history of human development is full of mixed breeds.

Residence of Neanderthal and Denisovan

Both of these species existed up to 40 thousand years ago. Neanderthal lived in the west and in Denisovan east. When Neanderthal started moving eastwards, he would have come in contact with Denisovan and early humans today. Swant Pabbo, director of the institute, says that Neanderthal and Denisovan may not have got more opportunities to meet, but when they met, they would have been in touch many times, more than we used to think earlier.

13 years old daughter

Russian archaeologists have found a bone fragment several years ago in the hills of Denisova. These pieces showed that there was a child of two breeds only. This was later researched in Leipzig. University of Toronto’s Bence Viola says that this piece was part of a large bone and we can estimate that it must have been 13 years old.

Researchers have speculated that the girl’s mother would have been closer to Neanderthal who lived in Western Europe. This shows that thousands of years ago, before losing Neanderthal’s existence, the West would have increased like before, Europe and Asia. Genetic research has shown that at least one of the family series of the Denisov species has a neanderthal fraction.


By:-  Abhishek Bajpai 


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