After becoming Bollywood’s most earning actor in the Forbes list


Akshay says that I have never imagined this day will also come.

Akshay Kumar is one of the Bollywood superstars today. Recently, he has been regarded as one of Bollywood’s most earning stars by prestigious magazines like Forbes. He has got 76th place in this list. She is ahead of world’s highest paid celebrities Salman Khan’s 82nd position. Akshay’s earnings have been valued at $ 40.5 million and Salman is estimated to be 37.7 million dollars.

Akshay said that I consider myself lucky that I got it. Akshay says that I have never imagined that this day will also come. If I think about myself and look back, then I remember the day when I had to learn acting and I had no money to go to the classes. Then I was searching for the book How to Learn Acting to learn acting. One day at Churchgate station. Do not sit out there Sell old-fashioned books.


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One such book was How to Learn Acting. So I wrote 118 rupees on the first page of that book and I had 72 rupees. Wrote on the second page that if you have to be a good actor then you have to be a good person. He did not even have the money to buy a book. Getting a name in Forbes today is a big deal for me. Akshay says that I have never bought that book.

Akshay says that later when money came, I tried very hard to find that book, but that book was not found in me. Akshay’s upcoming films include films like Gold, Kesari and Housefull 4. Gold is going to be released on August 15. Reema Kagti directed the film. This film is a story of the golden past of Indian hockey. This is the story of when the Indian hockey team won gold in the London Olympics for the first time in independent India. In the film, Akshay Kumar is in the role of manager of Hockey team.

By:- Abhishek Bajpai

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