Air Taxi for Shimla to Chandigarh starting on 4th June, All Tickets Book



All the seats have been booked five days before the flight from Shimla to Chandigarh for Heli Taxi service.

 All seats have been booked five days in advance for the flight from Shimla to Himachal Pradesh under Heli taxi service starting from June 4 in Himachal Pradesh. Only three seats were left till Wednesday for the flight from Chandigarh to Shimla. Local people, including tourists, have made the advance booking. Advance booking has also been started for the flight to be held on other days in Joon. In June, 50 people have made advance booking for flights.



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Under Heli Taxi Service, the helicopter will fly from Shimla’s Jubbarahatti at eight o’clock in the morning and will land at Chandigarh Airport at about eight o’clock in the morning. Flights from Chandigarh Airport to Shimla at nine o’clock. Haley Taxi will accommodate 19 passengers. The state government helicopter will be used for Heli taxi service for which the Chief Minister has given clearance. Heli Taxi will be flying on every Monday and Friday.




Rent 2999

The per person fares for going to Chandigarh and returning to Shimla from Heli Taxi will be Rs 2,999. It will be the same rent for about two months. After this, the state government will increase the rent. Haley Taxi ticket booking can be done in Himachal building located in Tourism Corporation office located in Shimla, Chandigarh, and Delhi besides Pawan Hans Company’s website. Apart from this, the state government will also open one ticket counter at Jubbarahhatti and Chandigarh Airport. In Heli Taxi, continuous booking of seats for two months continuously, another helicopter will also be used for Chandigarh. The tourism department has already given the signal in this regard.



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Director of Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh, Sudesh Mokta said that on June 4, the first helicopter taxi service will be started from Shimla to Chandigarh. Booking for other flights of June has already begun.

By:- Abhay kushwaha


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