Akshay leaves behind Salman in highest earning actors in the world

Forbes has released the list of highest-grossing actors in theworld.

While on one side Akshay Kumar’s gold box office is doing well, Salman Khan is currently shooting his forthcoming film India at Malta. These days, both actors are doing well but Akshay Kumar has surpassed Salman in this race too.

The names of Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have also been included in the list of the world’s highest grossing top 10 actors released by Forbes. However, Akshay is ahead of Salman in this list.

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At the top of this list is the name of Hollywood actor George Clooney, whose earnings are $ 239 million. After them, The Rock is Diane Johns and the third avengers actor Robert Davey Jr. In the list, Akshay Kumar is at number seven with a net worth of $ 40.5 million, while Salman Khan is at number 9 with a net worth of $ 38.5 million.

By Abhishek Bajpai

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