Anyone looking at Renault Kwid equipped with luxury features will be crazy, less than 3 lakhs worth

Rin has added some features to his quid car that makes it the most luxurious car in the mini SUV range.

Between today’s race and life, a wonderful ride of your own car can make your day and if the ride is SUV, then the fun of the ride doubles. But considering the limited Affordability of the SUV, Rino has now brought a great gift for such people who want to enjoy SUV’s ride in low budget. Rin has added some features to his quid car that makes it the most luxurious car in the mini SUV range. A mini SUV that fits in people’s budget too.

Let’s see Rinou’s Mini SUV special features:
Rinu Quid has landed in the market with first in class and best in class features, and these special features make it very different from other cars present in the market.

First of all, let’s talk about first-class features, Rino Quiddy gives its customers a touchscreen media navigator, digital instrument cluster, rear armrest and a guarantee of 4 years or 1 million kilometers.

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In the Best In Class Features, Rinovid gives 300 liters of boot space, 180 mm ground clearance and excellent cabin space.

Now, along with Best In Class and first in class features, Rinawe’s quid is also about the rest of the features associated with this mini SUV. First of all, the engine of Rin Quid’s engine, this mini SUV has an engine of 0.8 Litre SCe-Smart Control Efficiency 799cc engine, which has 3 cylinders. Along with this it generates 5678 RPM power with 53 bhp. Its torque is 72 Nm @ 4386 rpm and its ddrivetrainis FWD. In terms of technology, its engine is superb for a mini SUV.

Take a look at the dimension of Quid, this mini SUV is 3679 millimeters, width 1579 millimeters and height is 1478 millimeters. Its wheelbase is 2422 millimeters and its ground clearance is 180 millimeters. In the case of a mini SUV, you get 300 liters of boot space in Quid. The gross weight of this mini SUV is 638 kilograms, with a front track of 1387 millimeters and a rear track of 1382 millimeters. There are 5 Doors in this car and its sitting capacity is of 5 people.

According to the transmission, Rinu Quid has 5 gears and has Dry Single Plate Type Actuation Cable Clutch. Wheel and Tires are seen, then there are black wheel cap steel wheels and 155/80 R13 front and rear radial tubeless tires.

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There is a front disc brake and rear drum brake in the breaking system. This car comes with front suspension of Mac Pherson Strut With Lower Transverse Link and Twist Beam Suspension With Coil Spring’s Rear Suspension.

Rinow also provides touchscreen media navigator and digital instrument cluster in your quid, which makes your ride classy and superb. At the same time, Rinawe also gives confidence to the best services with its warranty of 4 years or 1 million km to its CWD users.

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One thing that matters most in the Indian car market is that the vehicle’s mileage – fuel consumption. Speaking of mileage, Rino Quid’s company mileage comes with 25.17 km / liter and this comes with 28.0 liters of fuel tank capacities. On seeing these features, you can guess why Rino Quid can be called a mini SUV and how it is a perfect car for those who want SUV ride.

With the rest of your outstanding features, Rinoy’s new quid is now coming with reverse parking camera and Rear Armrest. With the addition of these two features, it seems that any SUV competes in the case of style and concert.

One such user of Quid is Piyush Mehta of Ahmedabad, who brought Rinaw’s Mini SUV i.e. Quiddy about 3 months ago. After running about 15,000 kilometers of this train, Piyush says, “I had decided to buy it after seeing the features of Rinaw Quid, I did not say in the words Conflict and Class I found in a quid with features like SUV car. Can go

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The most striking thing is that you get reverse parking cameras and rear armrest in such a small budget, as well as the excellent boot space and interior of this car, it gives unmatched comfort and style. Rinow Quidd’s SUV inspared design gives it a great look. The trust that I bought with Quiddy, the car has come true to that trust. ”

Its stylish look with the first in class and best in class features of Rino Quid gives you a different feel of riding. So be ready today for a fabulous ride … Live for more! Because it does not matter in less.


By Deepika Singh


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