Apart from India, many countries are already using Smart Fencing, doing work

India is not the only country in the world which is putting smart fencing on the border. But this will definitely help in preventing illegal intrusion.

For the first time in the country, news of the launch of a laser active fence i.e. smart fencing is everywhere in the headlines. Although the need for such fencing was being done for a long time, especially on the border with Jammu and Kashmir, This is because terrorists’ intrusion has always been a source of trouble for the security forces. At present, it has been set up under the pilot project in two areas of 5-5 kilometers on the border with Pakistan in Jammu region.

There is a question in everyone’s mind about this fence that what is the fence and how it works. Apart from this, there is another question as to which countries such fencing is being used. Finding answers to these questions is very important. But first they know that some countries have resorted to such kind of smart and hi-tech fencing to stop illegal infiltration.


Israel has resorted to smart fencing to prevent infiltration on border from Jordan. On the border spreading around 30 km, the terrorists of Jihadi group were also able to infiltrate into African refugees. In 2015, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu gave a green signal to the scheme of smart financing. Only Israeli companies are engaged in producing such fencing in many countries.

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In the year 2017, the United States had entered into a deal with the Israeli company Elbit System to install smart fencing to prevent illegal infiltration on its border from Mexico. Let us tell you that US President Donald Trump had talked about building a wall on this border immediately after winning the election in 2016. He has mentioned many times that there is a problem for Mexican people illegally entering the US through this border. This fencing is almost as it has been imposed in India under the pilot project on the border of Pakistan.

Apart from the observation tower in this hiitech fencing, it includes Advanced Sensor, Radar and Sensor Towers, Monitor Unit and Hiitech Communication System. Let us also tell you here that the United States of America has a border of about 3360 miles. According to the American report, this year, two million people in this border take entry in the US illegally. Drugs are also supplied in the United States in large quantities from this limit. This business is about $ 30 billion.

Saudi Arab

In 2014, Saudi Arabia started the process of hightech fencing on its border with Iraq. In the first phase, this kind of fencing was done on the 900 km border on its northern front. This five layer fescing included night vision camera, watch tower, radar unit and fiber optic network. Out of this, 32 centers were taken from the border, about 78 monitoring towers were built, 50 radars were installed near the border and about 1.5 lakh meter long fiber optical cable was cast. For this smart fencing, Saudi Arabia signed a deal with the European Aerospace in the year 2009. Under this, it had to be set up on a long stretch of about 9,000 km.

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Bulgaria-Hungary and Morocco

Bulgaria and Hungary also agreed to set up smart fencing on the border from Israeli companies in 2015 to cross over the incidents of illegal infiltration. Tell you that people from Iraq, Egypt, Iran and Libya have come through illegal infiltration in these countries. These countries had signed the agreement with Israeli company Magna BSP. Apart from this, Morocco has also resorted to similar fencing to prevent illegal infiltration from Algeria.

How does the smart fencing work

An invisible electronic barrier can be prepared in land, water and air with the help of a hi-tech surveillance system on the border with Pakistan in India. With the help of this in India, the Border Security Force (BSF) will help identify and prevent the intruders. Smart fences have many tools for vigilance, monitoring, communication and data storage. In this, very special and hitech devices such as thermal imager, underground sensor, fiber optical sensor, radar and sonar are installed at different places in smart fence. An invisible electronic wall has been built by adding other tools to laser fence.

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State-of-the-art fence

The CCTV feed of this state-of-the-art fence will reach an outpost of immediate BSF. Tunnel, radar and sonar systems will be able to secure the banks of the river along the border. Command and control system will receive data from all the surveillance devices in real time. Infra-red and laser-based intrusion detectors will work as an invisible wall in the land and surrounding areas while Sonar system will catch the infiltration attempts through the river. Aerostat techniques will monitor any move in the sky. Undermining the intrusion attempts through tunnel, the underground sensors will constantly monitor.

By:- Deepika Singh

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