Beware! India has the highest risk of stroke and diabetes



Four times more people die due to a stroke in India compared to western countries. At the same time, due to cardiovascular diseases, more than three times people have lost their lives.

Four times more people die due to a stroke in India compared to western countries. At the same time, due to cardiovascular diseases, more than three times people have lost their lives. This has emerged in the new analysis conducted by researchers located in the worrisome UK. In the study conducted by UK researchers, more and more people die because of these diseases in low and middle-income countries than in front, affluent nations.

Surprising Figures

Apart from this, the statistics of this analysis also show that in comparison to Western countries, in India, about six times more people die because of cancer. At the same time, the number of people who lost lives due to diabetes is three times. In a journal published in Nature, it has been reported that cancer, stroke and cardiovascular diseases are increasingly growing in developing countries compared to developed nations.

In the analysis, it came

The results of the analysis by researchers show that 90% of the deaths in one million people in low and middle-income tropical countries cause cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, in countries with high revenue, this rate is 61 per million people. Apart from this, due to the stroke, in the low and middle-income countries, 49 out of a million people die, whereas in rich countries this number is 22.

Cervical and liver cancer

It has also been found in the study that in the lower and middle-income tropical countries compared to the affluent nations, the number of deaths due to cervical, stomach and liver cancer is high. Speaking of diabetes, in less than and middle-income tropical countries, in one lakh people, 32 deaths are due to this disease, while in the rich nations, this number is 11.

How To Become A Plans Here

The professor in the School of Public Health, Imperial College of London and the lead author of this study, Majid Ejati, says that in the health sector in India, plans should be prepared in such a way that in the initial level of deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart, kidneys Can be traced.

These are the reasons for not going to find out

The reason for these illnesses in India is not to be caught in the initial level due to the high death rate. Because of this, treatment of disease can start from the delay, therefore the country has to bear the economic losses.


NCDS Diseases

This study conducted jointly by Professor Izzati and Dr. James Bennett has shown that deaths are higher due to non-communicable diseases (NCDS) in low and middle-income tropical countries compared to Western nations. NCDS are diseases that do not spread from one person to another. Such as cancer, diabetes, kidney, liver diseases, mental and cardiological diseases etc.

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Statistics obtained from these countries

The researchers collected data from 80 tropical countries with low and moderate income in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America. They were compared to the figures from the Western countries. Scientific conclusions reached on the basis of this.

What is the effective way in addition to medicines

Let us tell you that some fruits prove to be very effective in keeping diabetes, other diseases apart from cancer. These fruits can not only be kept away from diseases, but they also prove to be helpful in correcting them. Here are some of the fruits we give you here.



Pomegranate red-red grains are very beneficial for health. It contains abundant proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The wood of its tree is quite strong. – Its juice contains fructose, so diabetes is beneficial for patients. Pomegranate consumption is helpful in extracting the toxic substances present in the body. Thereby to protect against dangerous diseases such as cancer.


Guava is considered a great fruit in terms of health. Guards have a cold drink. By consuming it the problem of constipation is removed. Several benefits of consuming guava and its seeds have been counted in Ayurveda. Vitamins and mineral present in the body are helpful in protecting against various diseases. Cancer is a terrible disease, but if you eat a guava, you can avoid the risk of cancer. It contains lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and other substances.

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They work as powerful antioxidants in the human body and prevent the development of cancer cells. Guava prostate reduces the risk of cancer and prevents the development of breast cancer cells. Guava is very high in fiber content, which prevents the development of diabetes. The level of sugar in the body is controlled by fiber present in guava. Its fiber is also helpful in removing constipation. Guava seeds prove to be good for cleansing the stomach. It also proves to be excellent in weight loss because it does not feel hungry by eating and does not have much fat.



Falsa is very beneficial. Its taste is sour sweet. Vitamins and minerals present in it keep our body healthy. Cholesterol levels can be controlled, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases.


Sahajan’s leaves help to control blood sugar levels due to being rich in riboflavin. In this way, he treats symptoms of diabetes effectively.

Wood apple

Wood apple or catha is the only fruit whose tree grows by itself without any difficulty, this fruit controls cholesterol and blood pressure. Dibbite is proven to be a panacea.

 Tree of heaven

Oil of heaven seeds is beneficial for heart patients. Its oil contains HDL (hydenacity cholesterol). It has rich fiber in its fruit. All nutrients needed for human life are present in it.


By Deepika Singh


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