BJP is stranded in the triangle of three seats with a strong banquet, Siddaramaiah



Siddaramaiah is currently contesting from Chamundeswari seat of the Old Mysore area as well as Badami seat of the Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was tired of telling Karnataka Chief Minister S. Siddaramaiah at his Chamraj Nagar rally saying that some people have fallen in the 2 + 1 affair. In fact, his sign was towards Siddaramaiah himself fighting two seats and fighting his son against his old region.

As an attempt to reach the assembly again in Siddaramaiah, this time itself is contesting from the Chamundeswari seat of Old Mysore area and Badami seat of the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. While fighting his son Dr. Yatindra with his traditional seat, Varuna But due to the strong mood of the BJP, he is unable to give time to these three seats. Siddaramaiah has been contesting for a long time from the Varuna seat itself. But this time, to fulfill the political ambition of his doctor son Yatindra, he made his strong candidate from Varuna and chose for himself Varuna’s neighboring seat Chamundeswari.

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After being removed from the Janata Dal (CE) in 2005, Siddaramaiah resigned from the Assembly membership and won the by-election from Chamundeswari seat in the by-election to the Assembly again. But even then his victory was just 257 votes. This time, when Siddaramaiah filling the form with a mixed population of Lingayat, Vokkaliga, Kuruba and Nayak communities, Siddaramaiah had thought that he would make sure that he and his son would easily win by campaigning together in Varuna and Chamundeswari. But in view of the difference of his weak victory in the past from this seat, Siddaramaiah decided to contest from another safe seat and filled the form with Badami seat of the Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

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Badami seat was considered as safe for Siddharamya because it has a plurality of Muslims, Kuruba, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. In order to connect these castes and communities with them, Siddaramaiah had formed an organization named ‘Ahind’ in 2005. He was convinced of his victory from this seat. But BJP has raised the problem of Siddaramaiah by picking up its strong SC-ST leader and current MP Ramu from the Badami in this constituency. However, Mr. Ramulu himself had already filled the form with another seat before Malkaramuru. But the BJP has removed Sriramulu from Badami to make the Siddaramaaya difficult.


Want to become a leader of the minority, backward and Dalit

Siddaramaiah was considered to be the leader of number two after Deve Gowda in Janta Dal (AD) for a long time. He is also a minister in Ramkrishna Hegde’s Cabinet. There was no division of the Janadalas. Then he was the finance minister of Karnataka, while the Chief Minister of Devegowda. He was also finance minister in the joint government of Congress-Janadal (AD), formed in 2004. At the same time, the Congress started putting their eyes on them. Because at that time Siddharama had started the exercise of becoming a leader of Muslims, Backward Classes and Dalits by creating an ‘Ahind’ social organization.

These sections also started to accept Siddaramaaya as their leader. That is, in the secular vote bank of Devegowda, Siddaramaiah had broken through ‘Ahind’. Deve Gowda passed away and in 2005, he showed Siddaramaaya the way out of Janadal (AD). The Congress needed a daring leader who had penetrated these sections in Karnataka. Siddaramaiah had joined the Congress shortly after being expelled from the Janata Dal (AD). But he did not get any important position due to the opposition of the Congress’s old Dalit leaders. It is another matter that while living in the Siddaramaiah Congress, they have been strengthening their roots. As a result, in 2013, he led the Congress and went to the Chief Minister’s post.

By:-Abhay kushwaha


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