Box Office: Knowing the beginnings of Bahubali 2 in China, you may feel shocked



Released in more than 7000 screens in China, this movie has 51 thousand 494 shows and 4 lakh 84 thousand tickets sold.

The release of S. Rajamoulli’s Bahubali – The Conclusion, which was released this Friday in China, has not opened such an opening at the box office which was expected. The film is not as big as Hindi Medium and Secret Superstar.

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Remember when a year before India’s box office raised a storm in the world. Gradually, the revenues of those earnings turned into a tsunami and destroyed all the business records of Surma films. Bahubali The Conqualjan dared to many countries of the world including India, but in China, this movie was not able to become a box office dancer. At the box office of China, the second part of Bahubali has received a collection of $ 2.8 million (Rs 1.64 crore) on the first day. Released in more than 7000 screens in China, this movie has 51 thousand 494 shows and 4 lakh 84 thousand tickets sold. The film’s opening does not match with its grand-divine splendor. However, Prabhas Starrer Bahubali 2 had left behind the collection of Aamir Khan’s ruckus (2.5 million dollars) and PK (8,99,000 dollars) on the first day but got out of three Indian films


Zaire Waseem Starr Secret Superstar made in the production of Aamir Khan, on the first day, was valued at $ 6.88 million (Rs 43 crore 35 lakh), Irrfan Starr Hindi Medium first day 3.39 million dollars, 22 million and Bajrangi Bhaijaan the first day $ 2.80 million That is the collection of Rs 18.40 million.

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Bahubali 2 was released in China a year and six days after its release in India. Bahubali has already made a record before the release. This movie is released in China in more than 7000 screens. In this case, Bahubali 2 was left behind Salman Khan’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which was released on 8000 screens, but this visual treat was released by Aamir Khan’s Dangle (7000 screens), Secret Superstar (6000 screens) and Hindi Medium (4000 Screens have been found. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Shetty, and Satyajit worked in the Bahubali-D Kunqualjan, released on May 28, in the year 2017. Two months ago when Bajrangi Bhaijaan was granted permission to release in China, Bahubali 2 was given the green signal with Hindi Medium. Given the international market including China, the film has been adapted to a new version. According to sources, Bahubali has been re-edited with Vincent Tulani, who has edited the Hollywood movie The Incredible Hulk, to make it an international image of the film in China’s viewers. E-Star Entertainment, which released the first part in India, has been tasked to distribute a distributor in China.


In fact, almost 300 million dollars from the whole world, except China, have encouraged this to be done better and better. This second part of Bahubali has a collection of Rs. 510 crores 99 million at the domestic box office while the World Wide Collection is Rs. 1715 crores. The film has also earned more than a million dollars from Japan. It is said that there is tremendous enthusiasm in South Korea about Bahubali. Also, there is a demand for Bahubali in small countries like Luxembourg and Nigeria. Even in Switzerland, Prabhas has the great ability to see the feat. It is believed that Bahubali will break the record of 1300 crore riots in China.

By:- Abhay kushwaha

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