Box Office: People going to see ‘Jurassic Park’, earning so much in India

 ‘Jurassic World Fall Kingdom’ was released almost a month ago. It is good that it is still being seen in India. Right now, this film is gradually earning, in that sense, one week and it will be removed in theaters.

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After such a long haul, the film’s earnings are close to 72 crores. It was believed that the total earnings of ‘Jurassic World Fall Kingdom’ could be close to 60 million. Now, what is earned is not considered bad for India.

Jurassic World Fall Kingdom’

There are not special discussions about its earnings worldwide, but still it is being seen in India. In five days it had earned Rs 42 crores. This film was released with Rajinikanth’s ‘Kala’, there was a lot of influence on the business. This foreign movie has a good review in India. The reviewers mentioned many shortcomings in it.

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The film has benefited children’s holidays. Before the school opened, the film was proving to be the last outing of children.


The previous movie ‘Jurassic World’ was also a special choice in India. Its main reason was Irfan Khan, who got a roll in it. That film had a business of 101 crores. ‘Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom’ will not be able to earn much.

By Abhishek Bajpai

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