China launches two satellites of Pakistan, know what is the specialty



China has sent two satellites of Pakistan to space. These will monitor many things including natural disasters.

China has launched two satellites of Pakistan, a close friend of Pakistan. According to media reports, on Monday, China launched Satellite PRSS-1 and PakTES-1A with its long March 2C rockets. PRSS-1 is China’s first optical remote sensing satellite sold to Pakistan and is the 17th satellite developed by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) for a foreign customer.



Once established in PRSS-1 class, Pakistan has joined the select countries of the world, who have their remote sensing satellites. At the same time, the scientific experiment satellites developed by Pak, PakTES-1A, were sent from the Jukequan satellite launch center at 11.56 am in the same long march rocket in the orbit.


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According to the Pakistani media, PakTES-1A was developed in Pakistan and then it was sent to China for launch. The reason for this is being said that he does not have the basic features needed to send satellites in space. It is the second time that China has helped Pakistan in the launch of satellites. Earlier, in August 2011, China also launched Pakistan’s satellite satellite PAKSAT-1R from its rocket in space.

Significantly, the Pakistan Space and Additional AtomSearch Research Commission (SUPARCO) creates satellites for their country. PRSS-1 developed by China will be used to provide remote sensing information for land and resource surveillance, supervision of natural disasters, agricultural research, urban construction and belt and road areas. Let us know that this mission launched on Monday is the 279th mission of the Long March Rocket Series.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai


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