Complaint by Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsecurer. Know What is the whole case?

 The Government of India is very worried about the Cryptocurrency. Steps have been taken to strictly enforce the Reserve Bank of India in the case of cryptology, now legitimacy in India.

Some rules will be enacted as it will be made because the biggest cause of Bitcoin’s biggest burglary in India has come to the notice of popular Coinsecure, the popular Exchange Coinsecure complained that its wallet has been stolen about Rs. 19 crores worth 48.318 bitcoin known.       

  How many numbers of  Cryptocurrency  Accounts in india

Coinsecurer has around 2 million users all over the country and users have found theft during training on its platform Delhi-centric Coinsecure has given its information on its website with the great misery that stolen in our Bitcoin Fraud And it seems that it has been sent to another address which is outside our reach. Our system has never happened that this event has been distributed to customers New bitcoin Gold (BTG) during the extraction. 


An FIR has been lodged on April 10 in Delhi Police’s cyber cell about this fact that the person may suspect that this work can be handled by an insider. Frauds of users are kept in the company’s bitcoin wallet. Chief Scientific Officer of Coinsecurer, Amitabh Saxena, and CEO Mohit Kalra have a digital wallet, Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet, during this time, a public address and a Private Address is provided.

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The exchange has come to know that the bitcoin which was stored offline has disappeared. Recently, due to the huge accumulation of bitcoin, the investor attracted a lot of interest on this. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in India are not recognized by the Reserve Bank of India. It is difficult for the users to get legal help, due to lack of legal legitimacy.

The business day of Cryptocurrency continues to grow, as well as increasing the number of hacking festivals, in which you are very keen to invest in cryptocurrency. Only after doing full information, do the investment.

 By Abhishek Bajpai
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