EXCLUSIVE Interview: PM Modi said – we think of development, not election

Corruption is restrained Public money is being spent only in public development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s formula is one-development

This discussion is on every street corner that Modi wave was in the last Lok Sabha election, what will happen this time? Will the opposition find a break? If the BJP is claiming a big victory over the last time, then what will be the reason for creating a big wave? Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s formula is one-development In response to the questions of ‘Dainik Jagaran’, he repeatedly says that the government is doing what the people wants. Those expectations were getting fulfilled. Corruption is restrained Public money is being spent only in public development. At the same time, he raises questions on the basis of the opposition coalition and its significance. He believes that the forthcoming elections will force the opposition to think again whether it understood the core of the country and the society.

1. Politics is hot about the National Citizen Register in Assam. Do you think NRC is more nationalistic than political?

– Promises were made for NRC, but for the first time, we had the courage to take it on the ground. Those who have lost their base, who have lost faith in themselves, who do not believe in the Constitution of the country, they can say that the civil war will become bloodshed, the country will be fragmented. Their such kind of language is natural.This shows that they have completely cut off the nation’s mind. Due to public resentment and pressure, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of that time had signed the Assam Accord.

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Later, the public was dumped in the eyes and kept in cold storage for many years. We believe that the rights and aspirations of citizens are very important in any democracy and it is also the basic purpose of democracy. As far as Mamtaji is concerned, he should remember the day when he was being attacked in the Parliament on the issue of illegal voters of West Bengal in 2005. They should tell that Mamtaaji was right then or are she right? Speaking different languages on NRC, who vote for Vote Bank politics These are the same people who push the heels of the voter list to remove people’s names. These people celebrate the snatching of Balasaheb Thackeray’s franchise and today we are mourning the decision of the Supreme Court on NRC.

2. NRC is being made the issue of minorities on behalf of some opposition parties.

This is their thinking and this is their scope. I have kept my point in detail. National security is paramount for us.

3- In the last few months, there is a lot of stress in the society due to different reasons. There was a one-time surge in events like lining. On behalf of some people, statements like Hindu Taliban were given. What are the reasons for this?

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It is very sad that some people try to weigh the issue like lining only with the same scales, how many incidents that happened in the government’s government. Such thinking is unfortunate. I believe it is clear that any incident of lingching is shameful for any society. I have been speaking openly against such incidents and such mentality. In addition to what the Prime Minister said, it is also important that action is taken. What kind of steps we have taken against violence, it can be seen in the action taken by the Home Ministry. The use of such incidents for the political interest shows a kind of distorted mentality, instead of opposing violence and crime, instead of protesting, they also see their advantage in them. As far as the statement of Hindu Taliban is concerned, the answer will be given to the public.

4- Any initiative in Uttar Pradesh that you think will change the state of the state and in the next Lok Sabha elections, the BJP will form the mandate of the mandate like 73 seats?

The Uttar Pradesh government, while today maintaining the rule of law, is taking the state forward on the path of development faster. With the efforts of the state government, Uttar Pradesh has become the leader of the country in many schemes and areas. Like the Central Government, the development of villages, poor and farmers is also a priority of Uttar Pradesh government. Speaking about the implementation of the plans of the central government, the construction of nearly 18 lakh houses under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, more than 46 lakh households, through the Prime Minister Ujjwala Scheme, 87 lakh poor women, through MuktaThusai Gas connections, Sadbhavna Yojana and Deendayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana.


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Uttar Pradesh has secured first place in the country by providing electricity connections. Apart from this, more than one crore loans have been provided under the money scheme and under the Janhanan, bank accounts of nearly five crores poor have been opened. Over one crore six million poor people have been provided security cover on a premium of only one rupee per month and 90 paise per day. These are just a few examples. There have been several initiatives that are making positive changes in the public life. I leave the work of selecting one of the initiatives for you. As far as the next election is concerned, my government has not done any work keeping in view the elections till date.

5- Does the government feel that sugarcane arrears


By Abhishek Bajpai


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