EXCLUSIVE: The truth of the surgical strikes in front of the world, see the bravery of Indian soldiers

  India had a surgical strike against Pakistan on 29 September 2016 taking big action. Now its video has also come out.

After the surgical strike against Pakistan, this issue was largely ruled out. The opposition had also questioned the central government and questioned the army. But now in response to these questions, a video has emerged, which is an answer for those who question the bravery of the Indian Army.

29 September 2016

After the video has come to light, it is now clear that after the terrorist attack on Army camp in Uri, the Indian army gave a strong message to Pakistan along with destroying the terrorists’ hideouts. India had a surgical strike against Pakistan on 29 September 2016 taking big action.

Four targets were created

A video has surfaced after 636 days of surgical strike. It can be seen clearly that India had learned a lesson from entering Pakistan’s own house. The surgical strike was carried out by two teams, in this operation several launches in Pakistan were demolished. Four targets were made from India, the video of this entire strike was captured from UAV & HEAD MOUNTED CAMS.


Seeing culinary tire camps in Target 3. All these events have been captured in the UAV. In the third battle, four terrorists are clearly seen, who are standing outside their bunkers. All the terrorists were in the launch pad a few kilometers away from the PoK. There is a slight explosion in the camera, which appears after that, after which there is a scuffle of wind.

After the bombing, the destruction of the catastrophe

After the explosion, there is a sign of catastrophe. On September 18, 19 soldiers of India were martyred in a terrorist attack from Pakistan, after which India carried out a surgical strike to teach Pakistan a lesson. In the surgical styling performed by India, 38 terrorists of Pakistan were killed.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai


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