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At the center, four years of Modi government are being completed During these four years the government faced many problems on various fronts, but they overcome all the hassle.

At the center, four years of Modi government are being completed During these four years the government faced many problems on various fronts, but by eliminating every problem, the government won. Whether it was the issue of doing mouth or the action of Pakistan on the border or of Naxalism in the country or the oil on the domestic platform. On every issue, the government presented itself wisely and enhanced the value of India not only in the country but also on the global stage.

While being transparent on every front, the government has conveyed the information of all its decisions to the common people. Not only that, PM Modi himself joined social networking and told people about their daily programs and people about their thinking and asked for suggestions from them. PM Modi is the first President of the country who started the ‘Mana talk’ program and regularly kept his views in front of the people of India through a radio.

Corruption on injury

Four years ago the government came to the center on corruption, corruption, national security, country’s internal and external security. In all these areas the BJP has done well. The opposition lashed the government on the ban on the ban, but the central government did not disagree with the difficulties due to its strong fervor and proved the coffin proved to be successful.

Its direct effect of note-making appeared in a terrorism-affected state of Jammu and Kashmir, where the money of the stone-throwing force on the army was getting cold and cold. Another major advantage of note-book was that the shipment of fake currency from Pakistan turned into pieces of paper overnight. Another advantage of this has also been seen on the prevention of terrorism.


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Anonymous property law and e-governance

Although the opposition has given the government a fair statement on the ban on the ban, on the other hand, it has been seen for the first time that the people of the country have stood up to the government. This decision by the government also made a big blow to corruption. Apart from this, Modi, who decides to set up the SIT against Kalinda in the first meeting, has been unmasked by the allegations of corruption in the Cabinet. By implementing benami property laws, the government has completely cleared its intention to ban corruption. The example of e-governance presented by the central government in the last four years has never been seen before.




Cara war on terrorism

Even on the issue of terrorism, the Central Government made a surgical strike on the border and made it clear that it will not hesitate to send its soldiers across the border to protect the country. In September 2016, the Pakistani soldiers engaged in the defense of Pakistan and their defense were taken away from Pakistan’s border. However, it was not the first action of this government to tolerate terrorism. Earlier in Myanmar, the Indian Army jawans had successfully carried out such a move. During these two actions, the youngsters got admitted safely in their borders.

War on terror continues

The central government which started the campaign four years ago to curb terrorism and arrests the terrorists is still going on. Under this leadership, under the leadership of this government, the army has achieved big success by stamping up terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. From the poster boy of the terrorists, the army has already been stacked up to several militants. The army’s fear is now being seen not only in the terrorists but also in Pakistan.


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Foreign policy

The Modi government of the center, which has given India the place on the world stage, had never met him before. Whether it is a campaign to join the NSG group or the permanent membership of the UN, India has tried and is doing its best. The policy that the Center created in Pakistan, which gave safe havens to terrorists, itself got itself isolated on the global stage itself. What India has said is now being repeated by former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He is openly saying that terrorists were sheltered in Pakistan and the action which should have been taken against them could not be done.




Successful in exposing Pakistan

On the global stage, India launched a successful campaign to expose Pakistan, which resulted in the SAARC countries also crossing Pakistan. On the other hand, India had succeeded in giving a tremendous scope to diplomacy on China, which showed the issue of the issue of Docmal. After this, the dragons could calm down on the issue of Docmal. India also openly told China, who disputed Arunachal Pradesh, that India knows its best to protect its borders. From the BRICS to the SCO, the central government kept its points which the whole world community believed.

Awakening to cleanliness

The Modi Government’s campaign to make people aware of cleanliness is the result of that most of the streets and roads are clearly visible today. No one thought about this before. For this, PM Modi spoke directly to the public and inspired him for this. By making toilets from cities to villages, PM Modi took the country to clean up the people and make their place clean and tidy. The BJP Government, led by Narendra Modi at the center, has so far built millions of toilets and has guaranteed sanitation from the people of the country. On the other hand, people have also expressed their faith. This belief has come only when PM Modi himself is associated with the common people and communicated with them.

PM Modi meets with public opinion

The opposition, however, did not leave any stone unturned to question PM Modi. On the other hand, the people of PM Modi appreciated this issue related to the masses. This is the result of this serious initiative to include cleanliness at the peak level of government at the highest priority of governance that the construction of toilets in the country becomes a mission. In four years, the latency of the toilet has jumped from 39 percent to 85 percent. The question of hygiene is not only to make toilets in the village-city, but it has reached the thinking of getting rid of the country from dirt.

BY:-Abhay kushwaha

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