A giant asteroid passed by the side of the earth shocked NASA



Just a few days ago, even a NASA-like organization, a giant asteroid, passed away next to Earth, and we survived a heavy threat.

Siberian forests could be destroyed by such a huge

At the forefront of space agencies, NASA always tells the world what stride can hit Earth, but this time a giant asteroid has surprised her because she also appeared in the telescope at the very last moment. At that time the asteroids were very close to the earth from the hazardous level. This is a phenomenon on April 15 when a giant asteroid passed very close to the Earth. Although the earth escaped a major tragedy, it was about 3.6 times bigger than the Astro-asteroid that settled the Siberian thousands of kilometers in 1908. When it passed near the earth, the distance of both of them was only 1,92,000 kilometers.

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If you feel that it is too much distance then correct misunderstandings because considering the size of the planets and their gravity in the universe, it was very low and it could be very dangerous for the Earth. The most remarkable thing is that this asteroid, named 2018 Ge3, could be seen only 21 hours before going through the Earth. While many times scientists tell about asteroids that threaten the Earth years ago. This stride is about 48 to 110 meters in size, but if it collides with the Earth, it could have been a major loss of human life.


Sky Survey has seen on April 14

This astronomy was first seen on April 14 by the Space Scientists of the Catalina Sky Survey. At that time it was growing rapidly towards the Earth. This Sky Survey is part of a NASA program running in the Arizona University of America. This asteroid, named 2018 Ge3, has passed about half of the distance between Earth and Moon. According to a report of Space.com, in 2013, one such asteroid was burnt to the sky in Russia, causing damage to all the buildings 93 km away from the site and about 1200 people were injured. Explain that on April 15, AstroDude, which passes near Earth, is 3 or 6 times bigger than Russia’s AstroWead. In such a situation, it can be understood that if these holidays have collided with the earth, then the lives of millions of people could have been devastated.


Scientists say it is difficult to see these strides made of thick layers of carbon and rocks because they are much smaller and almost black than planets. Because of this, any light falling on them is not easily reflected. Only then cannot be searched by them, unless many powerful telescopes look at them simultaneously. The same happened in the case of some 2018 Ge3, only then can it be seen in the last moments.

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