Himesh Reshammiya, seen in this style at the New Bridge Airport



Himesh will be in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) on the 19th of this month, where he has a show and he is going to show a show in Japan next month.

Bollywood singer, musician and actor Himesh Reshammiya appeared with his new bride, Sonia Kapoor, at Mumbai airport late on Wednesday night. Indeed, both of them went to Dubai to make some necessary purchases on the honeymoon pretext after marriage and now they have returned to Mumbai.

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Let me tell you that Himesh Reshammiya recently surprised everyone by marrying his longtime girlfriend, Sonia Kapoor on May 11. Because this marriage was very secretive! Himesh said in a conversation with Mid-Day that “She and Sonia have been good friends for nearly a decade. Now we have got married, giving strength to this relationship and it is a very happy moment for us. “However, at the airport, Himesh and Sonia were imprisoned in the camera in this fashion. You can see that Himesh accepted cheers in photographs and accepted the greetings of the photographers, while his wife Sonia Kapoor is also very happy on this occasion.

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It is worth mentioning that Himesh married this very secretly in which some of his select friends can be involved. Some pictures of Wedding Ceramani later uploaded by Himesh at the Instagram account. However, after the marriage, this couple went to Dubai for a honeymoon. According to Himesh, his wife Sonia had to do some shopping in Dubai. It is reported that his wife is also his stylist, and for some of his upcoming projects he will design his look for which he had to take some important things from there and so he went to Dubai.


Significantly, Sonia Kapoor is the second wife of Himesh Reshammiya. 44-year-old Himesh’s first wife’s name is gentle, with whom she also has a son, whose name is herself. You know that Himesh and Komal had divorced in January 2017 and now Himesh and Sonia are beginning a new life by strapping marriage. Both are very happy with this marriage! Sonia Kapoor has been active in the Indian television industry since the 1990s. Sonia Kapoor made a special place in the heart of the TV audience with her strong role in that round TV serial ‘Yes Boss’ to ‘Krishna’. Although Sonia Kapoor has worked in many Hindi films like ‘Fareb’, ‘Officers’, etc. in small budget, most people know him as a TV actor.

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This is the third marriage of Bollywood in recent times. Sonam Kapoor and Neha Dhupia’s marriage news had come before Himesh One thing is common in Himesh, Sonam and Neha’s marriage to all three, and that they all got married to their special friend. Sonam and Anand Ahuja have also been good friends for many years and Neha Dhupia also said about Angad Bedi that she is her best friend!

Talking about Himesh, he has been singing and composing continuously for all the Bollywood films, and after that, he worked as a lead actor in some films like ‘Debt’ and ‘Teri Shirar’. Himesh has also been associated with some music-based reality shows and has a tremendous fan follow-up. It goes on to say that Himesh will be in Kanpur (UP) on the 19th of this month, where he has a show, and next month Japan will also be going to do a show.

By:- Abhay kushwaha

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