How to make career in Chartered Accountant?



Chartered Accountant:

She offers financial advice and audits account for private individuals, companies, industries, educational institutions, government agencies and other organizations. She can also work as a financial guide or as a consultant and push an organization’s profitability. She advises clients on investments, general taxation and acts as an executor and trustee. She also analyses the profitability of business expansion as well as its long-term returns. Her advice is sought in matters such as mergers and acquisition, diversification etc.

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How to be a Chartered Accountant?

Different stage of CA. Curriculum

1. Pass Class 10th

2. Get your self Registered in the board of studies of I.C.A.I. for common professional Test. (GET)

3. Appear in C.P.T. Examination after passing 10+2 After Passing 10+2 and C.P.T. Examination

1. Get your self Register in 3.5 yrs. the practical training course, Professional Competence Course, and Information Technology Course.

2. After Completing 100 hrs. Information Technology Training you can be legible to appear in Professional Competence Examination (P.C.E.)

3. With this 18″I months practical training is also compulsory to appear in P.C.E.

After passing P.C.E. the student will have to appear in General Management and Communication skills course.

There are two groups of three paper in P.C.E. After clearing this and completing the practical training of three and half years you can be legible to appear in the final examination.


Chartered Financial Analyst:

There are various facets to a Chartered financial analyst. Some of them are:

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Corporate Finance & Control:

Involves mobilization and utilization of financial resources for short-term and long-term purposes from domestic and overseas markets through a proper mix of debt and equity

International finance and risk management:

There are risks in the transaction of foreign exchange as the exchange rates of foreign currency fluctuate for various reasons. They manage transaction of foreign exchange and the risks associated with it.

Portfolio management:

A portfolio manager’s job is very challenging since it involves the balancing of risks and rewards through skillful shuffling of the portfolio and maximizing the return on investment.


Financial services:

Includes financial consultancy services, advice, and negotiation with reward to merger and acquisitions of companies, formulation of programs and rehabilitation packages for a revival of sick industrial units. Additionally, several asset-based financing products like leasing and hire purchase also form part of Financial Services.

How to be a Chartered Financial Analyst?

Graduation in any subject-CFA course

Institutions & Courses

Chartered Accountant

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Head Office The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indraprastha Marg (NearIncome Tax Office), Post Box No. 7112, New Delhi-110002

Course: Chartered Accountancy

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