How to make career in Curator?



Curator :

An Archeology will go looking for an artifact and a Curator will interpret it and preserve it. Say a wooden toy found buried in the Mohenjo Daro era or the Chandragupta period or if someone just left it there last summer. The study involves intricate pat’ terns on the toy and theorizing on the kinds of tools used by people in those days.

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Curator collects, maintain, and protect objects of historical and aesthetic importance primarily in museums, libraries, and private collections. They are responsible for the safety and proper presentation of the works. It is the Curator’s job to document each piece of art that comes into the museum.


How to be a Curator?

10+2 in any stream-) BA. in History/Archeology/Bioscience  MA in Anthropology.

BY:-Abhilash Bajpai

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