How to make career in Economist?



Economist :

Economics is all about making choices. Resources on planet earth are limited. For instance, basic resources like land, labor, capital and others like crude oil, iron ore, water, food material and money are all scarce. Hence these resources need to be utilized in the most judicial and optimal ways. Economists do this i.e. they make sure that the scarce resources are utilized in an optimal way.

An Economist has the opportunity to study about the total wealth of the country with respect to the world, understand changing buying patterns of people and make future projections and advise on corrective actions in the financial, monetary and economic policies.

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How to be an Economist?

10+2 in any stream->BA/B.Sc. in Economics->MA/M.Sc. in Economics OR 10+2 in any stream Graduation in any subject Master of Business Economics->10+2 Physics, Chemistry, Biology-B.Sc. in Agricultural Science- Agricultural Economics OR 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Maths B.Sc. in Maths/Statistics->M.Sc. in Maths/Statistics- M.Tech in Quantitative Economics.

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