How to make career in Textile Designer?



Textile Designer:

Textile Designer uses their skills and experience to produce surface designs and colors found in dress fabrics, furnishing, carpets, tiles etc. They use traditional sketches and painting techniques as well as high-tech computers to make their designs. Textile designers can also pursue the following careers:

Textile co-ordinator: Colour and design coordination of current market trends, as well as compiling of design ranges.

Textile buyer: Buying fabrics for new ranges of fashion wear.

Textile advisor: Assisting interior decorators.

Theatre textile technician: Using fabrics for special effects in the performing arts.

Fashion illustrator: Working in fashion wear or household textile section of firms or magazines etc.

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How to get into a career in Textile Design?

10+2 in any streamgGraduate program in Textile Design/ Diploma in Textile Design OR 10+2 in any streamgGraduation in Fine Arts/DesignMaster program in Textile Design/Diploma in Textile Design.


Careers in Pure and Applied Art

To have a successful career in pure and applied art you need to have an eye for details and go beyond what is obvious to the eyes. In short, you need to hone your perceptive and imaginative skills to capture beauty.

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The essential traits in this field are:

* A strong desire to express feelings in the art form

* Dedication and perseverance

* Keen visual sense

* Good understanding of shapes, colors, patterns, and hues

*Perfect eye for observing everything about life and nature.

* Interest and ability to express life and nature in a visual art form

* Excellent spatial perception-the ability to capture and understand objects

* from different dimensions and locations

* Love from details-know what is missing in a given scene. In short, the field requires broad imagination and a keen eye.

BY:- Abhay kushwaha

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