India preparing to show US pause on Iran issue



India has made its preparations even after considering the separation of the nuclear deal from the US and the sanctions imposed on Iran. On the other hand, Iran started drilling on this side

India has made its preparations even after considering the separation of the nuclear deal from the US and the sanctions imposed on Iran. On the other hand, drill has begun on this side from Iran. Let us tell you that both India and Iran are very important to each other. This is because India is the biggest buyer of oil from Iran. Oil is the main part of Iran’s economy. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javed Niroff is also scheduled to visit India in the breaking and changing environment of the Iran-US nuclear deal. Apart from this, he can also go to France, Germany, China, and Britain.

Talking about America like wasting time

Meanwhile, Iranian senior leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says that talking to America is just like wasting time. They also have to say that American President Donald Trump is actually hated by Islam. The nuclear deal is just a sham. He also said that Trump is constantly plotting to defame his country by making false allegations against Iran. According to Khamenei, on the issue of ending the nuclear deal with Iran, the officials of the trumpets are saying that they are mentally retarded. So it is worthless to talk to him.

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Visit of Iranian President to India

It is worth mentioning that when Iranian President Hassan Rohani came to India in February 2018, there was talk about various issues between the two countries. With the prospect of US sanctions, Indian oil companies started paying a large portion of the imported oil from Iran into Euro (currency of the European Union). Meanwhile, there has been an agreement between the two countries to open a bank branch in each other, which can now be practiced. This will make it easier for India to pay in Iran.


This time the environment has changed

It would be very important to tell here that the US had banned Iran even before the deal. But at that time the atmosphere was a bit different and America was also giving other countries of Europe together. But this time the atmosphere is completely changed. This time Europe, France, Germany and Britain are in support of this deal, while America has been isolated from it. With them, there are only those countries which were not connected to this deal. These include Saudi Arabia, including Israel.

Crisis drill

Nonetheless, a positive aspect of the exercise of India’s drill is to overcome the crisis that followed the ban. This time, the Europa country is not with the US. Therefore, it is believed that India may not have to face the problems of earlier purchasing in oil. Apart from this, India has also begun diplomatic discussions with the angry European countries with the decision of Trump so that the curtailment of US restrictions can be traced.


Protection of interests at all times

About this, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar said that India is keeping an eye on the whole situation. We will take every possible step to protect our interests. We are also alert and aware to safeguard our interests in Chabahar. Another official from the Foreign Ministry said, “It should not be forgotten that even when the US had imposed huge economic sanctions on Iran in the past, we did not close down business with Iran. Buying oil with Iran was also going on. In spite of America’s resentment at that time, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had traveled to Iran.

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The US prepares for more stringent sanctions

However, it is being believed that America is preparing to impose more stringent restrictions on Iran at this time. But on the other hand, if India meets France, Germany, and Britain, then India will not be particularly troubled to do business with Iran or to buy oil or to invest in its industrial projects there. Significantly, the number of countries which are most dependent on the supply of oil from India, Iran’s number comes in third place. Iraq and Saudi Arabia supply most of the oil. Clearly, Tehran is of great importance to India.

Why the problem comes after the ban?

Indeed, after American sanctions, it is difficult to raise fund for projects in Iran or to send insurance through the international banking system or to ensure them for projects. The same happened last time too. But if the European countries maintain their relationship with Iran, then India can do its business normally through its banking system and financial agencies. India is currently making a port in Chabahar, Iran. Along with Chabad, Afghanistan is also building the highway and railway line. Apart from this, India also buys oil from Iran, for which it requires international financial agencies.

By:-Abhay kushwaha


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