India will separate from two million crores fighters agreement with Russia, this is the reason



Official sources said that the talks on this highly ambitious project between the two countries are not over yet.

India has expressed its desire to come out with a project to develop fifth-generation fighter aircraft at the cost of two lakh crores (30 billion dollars) in collaboration with Russia. India has also made Russia aware of this. Due to this the excessive cost of the project has been reported.

Official sources said that the talks on this highly ambitious project between the two countries are not over yet. The reason for this is that in the event of a formula for sharing the cost properly, India is ready to revisit the co-development of the combat aircraft.


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It is known that in 2007, for the purpose of taking military relations to new heights, an inter-governmental agreement was signed between India and Russia to jointly prepare fighter aircraft. But due to serious differences on the cost sharing, the technology used and the number of planes to be prepared, the project has been stuck for the last 11 years. A top official involved in the discussion on the project said, “We have given our opinion on all issues including the cost of the project. But no commitment has been expressed on behalf of the Russian side.

Explain that India had agreed to give $ 2.9 billion in December 2010 for the initial design of the combat aircraft. Later both sides agreed to contribute $ 6 billion to the final design and production of the aircraft in the first phase, but no final agreement could be reached on this.

Where is the screw

India wants the two countries to have equal rights on the technology used in the aircraft, but Russia is not ready to share all the important techniques used in the aircraft to share it with India. During the talks, India insisted that all necessary codes and important techniques should be provided so that they could upgrade the aircraft according to their needs. In February 2016, the talks on the project began again with the consent of the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. Both the countries are trying to resolve the issues of deadlock, but India is not optimistic about its fruitfulness due to the high cost of the project.


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HAL lobbying, Air Force is not interested

Interestingly, the government company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is strongly lobbying this project. He believes that through this project, India will get a golden opportunity to promote its aerospace sector, because no other country has given India such a key technology till date. On the other hand, due to the high cost, the Indian Air Force has not shown interest in this project.


BY:- Arun Mishra


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