Indian Space Craft- Chandrayaan confirms that there is snow on the moon

The information that Chandrayaan left for India about ten years ago has given the country’s credibility to space has strengthened. Chandrayaan has confirmed the snow on the moon.

The information that Chandrayaan left for India about ten years ago has given the country’s credibility to space has strengthened. Chandrayaan has confirmed the snow on the moon. If the scientists believe that its dark site or the moon’s polar region of the moon have confirmed it to the snow. Let me tell you that earlier Chandrayaan had also given information about having water on the moon. According to information received from the vehicle, some millimeter and water may also be present on the surface of the moon. This information from the Yanan can play a vital role in future mission to the moon.

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Snow on the south and north pole

It is also being said that the ice deposits in the pits on the south pole of the moon are also being collected. Apart from this, it has very wide snow on its north pole. Scientists are investigating the accuracy of information obtained from Chandrayaan by NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper Instrument (M3). Let me tell you that on the side of Chandrayaan-1, released in 2008, it has been able to know the snow on the moon. Let me also tell you here that some part of the moon is such, where the sunlight does not come or it is not equal. That is why the temperature here rarely reaches 156 degrees Celsius.

The moon was below the surface in the water

Before giving information about the snow on the moon, scientists had announced under Chandrayaan information that Chandrayaan 1 had discovered evidence of the presence of water on the moon’s surface. NASA’s instrument ‘Moon Minrologie Mapper (M3)’, sent with Chandrayaan 1, detected the Wavelength of reflected light, which indicates the chemical connection between hydrogen and oxygen in the material on the thin layer of the upper soil. By analyzing this description, M-3 confirmed the existence of water on the Moon. This discovery had put a stop to the four decades of discontent that the moon had water or not. Scientists had earlier claimed that the water was in existence about 40 years ago on the Moon.

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Moon Rocks Samples

Indeed, this claim was made by Apollo Astronauts after studying the samples of the Moon’s rocks brought to Earth as a memory, but they also had doubts on their search because the boxes where the fragments of the lunar rocks were leaked I went. For this reason, these samples were polluted by exposure to the air of the atmosphere. Scientists believe that as a result of nuclear fission, water from the interaction with the hydrogen emitted by the sun in the form of protons of the oxygen present in the rocks and the soil on the Moon will be formed. Let me also tell you here that the M-3 device analyzed the matter to identify the elements of water, how the light of sunlight reflects on the surface of the moon, in which scientists found elements of chemical relations such as water.

What is m-3 instrument

The M-3 device is NASA Moon Minerolagi Mapper, which was imposed on India’s first moon mission. Apart from this, Moon Impact Probe of Hyper Spectral Imager and Indian Space Research Organization was also installed in Chandrayaan. It also detects the Wavelength of the reflected light falling on the moon.


By:- Deepika Singh


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