IPhone gun for Rs 34 thousand in USA, company gets order for making 12,000 guns



The price of iPhone gun is $ 500 or more than 34 thousand rupees.

A US company ‘Ideal Kansil‘ is in discussion. At the moment, this company has started producing smartphones-like guns. This move of the company is in dispute between the events of the ever increasing shooting in America.

In the first 2016, this handgun was supposed to be launched, but it was averted for some reasons. Now the company has received an order to make about 12 thousand guns before starting production. The design of this gun is being preferred among the common people here so that the company may have to double its production soon.


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This smartphone, which looks like a smartphone in the design, is in discussion with the iPhone gun. However, its price is just half a dollar 50000 (about 34 thousand rupees) compared to the actual iPhone X (68 thousand rupees). The US National Rifle Association, a controversial non-profit organization, is also promoting this smartphone gun.

The organization has given it a place in the featured product in its May Magazine edition of May. In addition to self defense, it has been described as the best option of pistol and revolver.


The characteristics of iPhone guns

1- The gun is made like a small folding handgun, whose hose can be easily folded. Its magazines can also be folded, so that it takes the form of a smartphone.

2- It can easily be kept in pocket and nobody is suspected of having a gun.

3- Once the handgun opens one can fire two bullets at once. It can also be used with laser for a better target.

4- Nearly 89 percent of Americans own arms. 66 percent of the people have more than one gun. Only about 48 percent of the total number of guns people have in the world have around them, only about 330 million are with the Americans.

5- The annual income of the weaponry industry in the US is Rs 91 thousand crore. 2.65 lakh people are involved in this business.

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Arms in the American economy

In the US economy, arms sales 90 thousand crore rupees come. There are more than 10 million revolvers and pistol weapons each year. In the past 50 years, weapons in the United States killed more than 1.5 million There were 5 million deaths associated with mass shooting and murder. Learn about the rest, gone in a faulty pill and legal action. Keeping arms in America is in the right place.


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