Israel is working to provoke Nuclear deal, what does the US want?



The nuclear deal in 2015 has been an important reason for the tension between Iran and the US. At the same time, Israel has done the task of further enhancing this tension.

The issue of the nuclear deal between the US and Iran is constantly becoming more complicated. While on one side Iran and the United States have been making strong statements, while now Israel has worked to add ghee to this fire. Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of continuing its nuclear program under the nuclear deal. Documents related to Iran’s nuclear program have been shared with the US. This information was given by Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu himself in a program broadcast on TV. In fact, Netanyahu said in a TV channel broadcast that Israeli intelligence agencies have obtained documents of 55,000 pages and 183 CDs related to Iran’s secret nuclear reserves. He said that Iran has lied by saying that the nuclear program is never run. After the nuclear deal, he also preserved and expanded nuclear weapons for future in the Forodio nuclear test site.

After this broadcast, the US did not take any time to issue its statement. After this, White House was told that the US president has opted for the option of a nuclear deal, he will take a decision on it on or before May 12. The White House said on behalf of President Trump that they were already saying that this deal is wrong, that Israel’s statement has proven this too. In a statement released from the White House, it is said that Netanyahu’s information is strong. This shows the development of Iran’s nuclear weapons missile. Significantly, Iran had a nuclear deal with US and five other powers in 2015 to get relief from sanctions. Under the agreement, Iran agreed to stop the nuclear program. Trump has threatened to separate this by saying that the agreement made during the Obama administration was bad. Let me tell you that this agreement was done during the Obama administration and the trump has changed over many decisions in that period.

Iran reverses Israeli

However, on the issue of the nuclear deal, the countries which entered into an agreement with Iran did not include Israel. But the relations of Israel and Iran have been bad for decades. At the same time, Netanyahu has been refuting from Iran even after accusing Iran of this. Iran has called Netanyahu a liar. Foreign Minister of Iran Abbas Aragchi said that Netanyahu’s actions on Iran are aimed at influencing the decision of US President Trumpet on Iran’s nuclear deal. He said to press TV, “On Monday, Netanyahu’s TV presentation was a childish and poor show.” He said that these allegations are a repetition of Netanyahu’s speeches in the past and such allegations against Iran should be referred to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Has already proved wrong.

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Divided world

The issue of nuclear deal is currently showing the whole world divided. While on the one side, Israel and Saudi Arabia are justifying the decision of the trump on this issue, on the other hand, France, Germany, and Russia have criticized Trump for it. A few days before the French President also traveled to America. But despite this tension and this exercise, there is a question arising repeatedly that what America wants to do through this. Before answering it, please also tell you here that in order to make a decision on a nuclear deal, Trump has chosen the day of May 12. On May 14, the US is going to shift its embassy to Jerusalem. These two things are linked to each other somewhere, even without having a link between them. However, experts believe that America’s intent is threatened by threatening the nuclear deal. By showing fear of it, he wants to increase the supply of his weapons in the area.

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Senior Syrian journalist Dr. Vile Awad, who has watched politics of entire West Asia including Iran, said that since the Donald Trump took over the power in the US, tension has reached the peak in many areas. This is what we have been looking for in North Korea for a long time. It is now visible in Iran. He said that the only purpose behind the increase in this tension is to increase the sales of its weapons. South Korea raised arms sales from the United States, while there was tension in North Korea. Whereas America now wants to sell its weapons to other countries here by increasing tensions in Iran. The entire exercise of trump is being done only for this. Let us tell you that Iranian parliament’s speaker Ali Larijani has already anticipated that if the US moves away from it, then this agreement will end. This may lead to global anarchy. They have expressed a hope for Russia to resolve this dispute.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai 

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