Just be careful! Hackers can steal all your data by giving a command to the research robot

ktnewslive  You must have heard of hackers, but have you heard about the research robot. They can blow all your data at one command of hackers.

It is possible that you have heard a lot about Hackers, but you have ever heard of Research Robot, who help them. If you have not heard, we are giving you information about these robots. This research robot hacks your precious data at a command of hackers, and you do not even notice it.

That’s why it is very important to take care of security while using the internet. That’s because if you do not do this hacker can easily steal information related to you and you can be a victim of any untowardness. In fact, a research has found that many types of research robots roam in the open so that they can keep an eye on the information. In this way they do the job of detective and the serious thing is that the hacker can sit easily and order it easily.

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Robot operating system

Researchers at the US-based Brown University run a worldwide scan in search of hosts running Robot Operating System (ROS). During the scan in three different periods between 2017 and 2018, they got 100 ROSs, 19 of which were fully operational robots. The researchers also found that it is possible to control these robots sitting away. Under this, they can be asked to spy on the camera and even go somewhere else.

Can be controlled from anywhere

Researchers say that some of these robots do not work wrong, but our study has shown that these robots can be easily controlled from anywhere through the Internet. He said that it can not be denied that it is possible not only to sit away from the robot but also to harm the human race. Researchers said that the conclusion of the research is so important that in today’s time when everyone is fast connection to the digital world, everyone should be careful about safety.

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What is ROS?

ROS Research is the main platform used in robotics. It’s like the robot’s central nervous system (central nervous system). It connects all the components of the robot, such as its camera, sensor and actuator to the central computing node. An operator can easily order the robot by connecting itself to the central node via an external computer and internet connection. Stephen Telex, a robot of Brown University, said that ROS robotics is an important tool for research but those who make it have left the responsibility of security to users. Telex told that there is no need to identify any kind to join the ROS master. This means that if you are running ROS then anyone can join your robot.

It is possible to secure

Researchers also say that it is not a difficult task to protect these robots. They only need to run behind the firewall or on the virtual private network. However, users need to be careful about security.

By Abhishek Bajpai

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