Knock-knock: The future is knocking in your life through these great techniques

Leaving virtual reality behind, such techniques in the future are knocking at the door of human civilization that will change the style of living of the common man.

The technological revolution has left no stone unturned in facilitating human life, but leaving behind artificial intelligence and virtual reality, such techniques are knocking at the doors of human civilization in the future, not only the estimation of the common man’s living but also Will change everything related to it. The World Economic Forum has released the list of these revolutionary techniques selected by renowned scientists and experts from the world.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that can be offered using virtual images or animations on top of real life images via smartphone, tablet or any software. Its easiest example is Pokémon Go. In this, users can see Pokémon through their phones in their real life environment. This technique can prove to be revolutionary for future medical science. In this, with the help of Surgeon 3D, you can see the tissue inside the skin.

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Personalized medicine

Under the advanced diagnostic technique, medicines can be made by understanding the patient’s safety mechanism and the severity of the disease. Currently this technique is being used in the treatment of cancer, endometritis without surgery. Also, it is being taken to help autism and brain diseases.

Ai based molecular design

Researchers and scientists conduct long-term research to prepare new medicines. Now this will be the last thing. In AII based molecular design, the machine learning algorithm can be prepared by analyzing the patterns, quantities, effects and results of the drug by producing effective medicines. Also, repeated chemicals can be saved in research. In the pharmaceutical industry, this technique will help in identifying and detecting new drugs faster.

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Digital helper

People call ARIs like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to call, music, change or weather, but in the future people will have more smart options. Without training, AII will secure the list of related users’ needs related information on the cloud. If a doctor is struggling with a complicated medical case, then he will be able to get information about several such cases related to him and steps taken in him.

Drug cells

In severe illness, people have to consume many medicines for a long time. It is difficult to remember when to take the medication. In view of this problem, the doctors are preparing to install the latest drug factory inside the patient’s body. In this, the medication contained in the body will be affected daily according to the amount of need and it will not have any side effects on the human immune system.

Meat ready in the lab

Many companies are investing crores of rupees. There is a mixed reaction to its taste. But the rapidly growing technology, the option of duck, chicken and goat meat will be ready in the lab soon without killing animals.

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Gene drive
Gene shuffle raises questions of ethics with disputes. Gene Drive is also a similar technique in which there is immense power to fight diseases. Just like eradicating mosquito species spreading malaria. Recent Crisper technology has made it easier.

Plasmonic material

This is some kind of technique that will be invisible like Mr. India. This technique can convert electron clouds and light to nanoscale. In addition, it is possible to increase the sensitivity of magnetic memory storage and biological sensor.


In this technique, the patient will not have to take medicine to recover. His disease will be treated with electromagnetic shaking. The system that passes the brain signal to all organs will be in the center of the vagus nerve. Epilepsy and depression have been treated in a similar way for a decade. Migraines, obesity and arthritis will also be treated in the coming days.


By :- Deepika Singh


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