London Bomber suspected of bombing at railway station, suspect arrested



The British police arrested the person claiming to have a bomb at the London railway station. The entire station is empty, start the investigation.

At the London station there was a rumor, when it came to know that someone was on the railway track with a bomb. The entire station was evacuated as soon as the news was received. Meanwhile, British police said on Friday that they arrested a man at London’s Charing Cross Railway Station, who claimed that he had a bomb.

British transport police said, “A man has claimed to have a bomb at the Charing Cross station, which has now been arrested.” He said that we are working to reopen the station as soon as possible. Explain that after getting the news of the bomb, the policemen have evacuated the entire station and also blocked the movement.

In viral video on social media, it is being seen that a large number of policemen are deployed along with armed officers at the station. Explain that Britain is threatening a terrorist attack. In such a situation, the British police and the administration are very cautious about security.


By  Abhishek Bajpai

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