Mallya in the interest of saving his property in the UK



Living in Britain, liquor businessman Vijay Mallya, who is fighting a legal battle, is also trying his best to save his property.

Vijay Mallya, a liquor businessman fighting a legal battle, fleeing from India, is also trying his best to save his property. He has said that on the order of the British court, he is ready to give full support to the process of the seizure of Britain’s own property. But he will retain his luxurious accommodation in which his family lives. This house is not even his name. 62-year-old Mallya has escaped with Rs 9,000 crore of Indian banks. Indian agencies are trying their extradition.

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The hearing on the appeal of Indian agencies will be completed on July 31 in the British court. The decision can come in September. Recently, on the decision taken by the British Court, Mallya said that she is ready to give all the property owned by her name in the UK. But he will not give the house named after the owner of children with plush facilities and in London. In this connection, the British Court has given an affidavit related to its properties.

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There are some cars and some jewellery in this affidavit. This property is ready to come and submit itself to the court. Apart from this, the court will not get anything from me. The super-yacht used by Mallya in the water race in Morocco and Abu Dhabi has recently been auctioned due to default in Malta. Now he is the holder of a bay of a bay. This information is given by Mallya. It is notable that Mallya is from Britain in March 2016.

By:- Abhishek Bajpai

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