Nick has now gone back to his house and Priyanka, along with Farhan Akhtar, is shooting in the film Sky Is Pink

Those who want to see Hrithik Roshan in his Krish Avatar have to wait a little longer because the fourth part of Krish will not come in 2020 but there is a good news that Priyanka Chopra’s role will remain intact in the film.

Just last Saturday, Priyanka and Nick Jonas were stopped in Mumbai. Nick has gone back to his house and Priyanka, along with Farhan Akhtar, is shooting in the film Sky Is Pink, but there has been a news that Priyanka, Hrithik Roshan starrer agreed to work in the fourth part of the Krus Franchisee. Are there. Although it is not an official confirmation on behalf of Priyanka’s team yet, according to the information, Rakesh Roshan talked to Priyanka about this and she is showing interest in working in the fourth part of Krish. Priyanka worked in Krus and Kris 3 in 2006 and 2013. Last time, Kangana was with her, who now have no relationship with Hrithik Roshan.

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Remember, when Hrithik Roshan celebrated his 44th birthday in January this year, Papa Rakesh Roshan gave him a gift by announcing the fourth part of Krish. It was then told that Krish will be released for 4 years and 2020 on Christmas, but it will take time to start the film. Producer and director of the farm series Rakesh Roshan has said that he is currently writing a script. There will be a little delay in planning to come after two years, and soon they will announce that when they are coming out with their films.

Hrithik will complete the Yash Raj film, which is being made with Tiger Shroff by the end of next year, and after that he will start shooting Krish 4. It will take time to make the film i.e., the film will be available in 2021 Special effects in this film will also be a lot of work. It was reported in the past that Krish 4 will now be made in two parts simultaneously as Bahubali.

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It is said that Krish 4 and Krish 5 are being written simultaneously and will be released together after some gap. Just like Bahubali’s first part was released as The Beginning and the second was named as Conjunction. The farm series started in 2003 but the name of the first part was kept mixed. In 2006, film called Krish, but 2 was not added to its title. In the year 2013, the cultivation of agriculture is 3. The three parts were a hit. Remember that Hrithik Roshan recently said in a program in Mumbai that the preparations for ‘Krish 4’ have already started. ‘Nothing, there is still a lot of time to tell. So far the scripts are working. Much has been locked but still there is a lot of time.\


By :- Surbhi Mittal

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