Nitish cabinet took the historic decision, in the interest of Bihar’s daughters



The special meeting of Bihar cabinet began in Patna’s Dialogue Room on Thursday. The meeting was chaired by Nitish Kumar. A total of four agendas were stamped in the special meeting of the Cabinet.

By strengthening the rights of social, educational and economic empowerment and their equality of women, the State Government has taken several policy initiatives along with the implementation of various schemes to connect them with the mainstream of development.

In a special meeting of the Cabinet held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday in the state cabinet meeting in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat Dialogue, Chief Minister Kanya Udhanan Yojana based on protection-health-education-self-reliance based on girl child was stamped.

This scheme will be for all girls of the state from birth to graduation. The benefits of this scheme will be limited to two children of the family. In the bank account of the mother/ father/guardian on the birth of a girl child by the Social Welfare Department under Chief Minister Kanya Utgana Yojana, there is a provision of giving Rs. 2000. Besides, a provision of giving 1000 rupees to the parent/guardian’s bank account has been made for completion of 1 year and forgetting the base registration.

Upon completion of 2 years of health by the Health Department, provision of Rs.2000 / – in the bank account of the parent/guardian in case of complete immunization of the girl, while the education department has the Chief Minister’s scheme for class 1-2 (for girls). Under the amount of Rs 400, the amount has been increased to 600 rupees.

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Similarly, the education department has increased the amount of Rs. 150 to Rs. 300 / – in the Chief Minister Kishori Health Program (for Sanitary Neptune) of class 3-5. These classes will be payable to the girls of 7-12. Under the Chief Minister’s Girl Child (Intermediate) Incentive Scheme, the unmarried intermediate girls will be given Rs. 10,000 for the girls and under the Chief Minister’s Girl Child (Graduate) Incentive Scheme, Rs. 25,000 will be given to the graduated girls.

Thus, in a unified way, a girl gets a total of Rs 54,100 until her graduation. This scheme will be implemented by the Social Welfare Department, Department of Education and Health Department and payment of incentive amount will be done to the beneficiary in their bank account through DBT.

It is estimated to benefit about 16 million girls by spending more than Rs.2221 crores annually on the Chief Minister’s Kidney Upliftment Scheme. In addition, the other three decisions were taken in today’s cabinet meeting.


Under the Chief Minister’s Social Assistance and Incentive Scheme, partly amending the Bihar Permanent Pension Scheme, in the case of acute sufferers, who are native of Bihar or the case of acid attack happened in Bihar, the minimum qualification requirement of 40% Decision was accepted for the deletion of the condition.

In addition, due to obstructing the work of centrally sponsored Umbrella ICDS and not getting the money from the center in the NSAP scheme, the amount of the state items under the budget/budget provision in the anticipated receipt of the central item in the interest of the work. For the withdrawal and expenditure, the Resolution No.-3758 of the Department, Date- 3105.2017 for the Circle 7C for the Umbrella ICDS and NSAP Scheme. The decision was accepted to relax.

In addition, it was decided to increase the amount of beneficiary amount from Rs 250 to Rs 400 in the costume scheme for the children of Agnbadi Centers for the State Scheme under Integrated Child Development Scheme. For the Chief Minister’s scheme (Rs. 500), the amount of Rs. 500 has been increased to Rs. 700. For class 6-8, the amount of 700 under the Chief Minister’s Girl Child Welfare Scheme has been increased to Rupees 1000. For Class 9-12, the amount of Rs. 1000 has been increased to Rs. 1,500 under the Bihar Century Chief Minister Girls’ Scheme.

BY:-Abhay kushwaha

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