PM Modi, angry with Biplab Deb against controversial statements, called on 2 May to meet



PM Modi angry with statements by Tripura CM Biplab Deb Called on 2 May to meet in Delhi.

[Bengaluru]- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has summoned Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb for controversial statements. He has been given the notice to meet PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah on May 2 in Delhi. Last month, Deb, who took over as Chief Minister of Tripura last year, has given many such statements, which have been widely criticized. Whether he has claimed to be the Internet in the Mahabharata period or his statement on former Miss World Diana Hayden.

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Biplab statement in disputes

– Internet and satellite communications claim to exist in the Mahabharata era

– Diana Hayden’s 1997 questioning about becoming a world beautician

– Mechanical engineers should not go into civil service, but civil engineers should go

– Educated youth should open a pan shop for government jobs, instead of circling political parties

– Youth have also been asked to make a career in dairy and to raise a cow


Youth not running behind government job

Explain that Deb invites the youth of the state to change their thinking on Sunday. He said that he should do business rather than run away from government jobs. However, according to recent media reports, they refused to comment on the statement of the youth to open a pan shop instead of government jobs. Deb says – ‘I have nothing to say. Media is my friend. ‘ The Chief Minister said in a press conference on Sunday that the former communist government could not think of developing the entrepreneurship of the youth here. That’s why he always runs behind government jobs. I want entrepreneurship to grow in youth. Income does not mean that there is work to sit in a building.

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CM told that he has told his officers that every officer should have to generate income resources for at least ten young people. This income can also be made from cows, pigs or birds poultry farm. The means of income can also be mobilized for the rural youth through the Prime Minister’s Money Scheme. Our goal is to arrange income for three thousand youth in three months time.

It is notable that the BJP and its allies, the IPFT had created history by bringing a two-thirds majority in the 60-member Tripura assembly last month. Simultaneously, the leftist government led by the CPI (M) in Tripura was away from power after 25 years.

By:- Abhay kushwaha


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