PM Modi is famous as US President Donald Trump on Facebook: Study



Trump, which is also active on Twitter, is on the second place with 23.1 million followers.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is far ahead of the world’s leading global leaders. When it comes to popularity on Facebook, it is as popular as the American President Donald Trump. A fresh study reveals that around 43.2 million people follow the Indian prime minister on social platforms.

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Trump, which is also active on Twitter, is ranked second with 23.1 million followers. A study called World Leaders on Facebook has been released today and it has been released by Burshan Con and Wolfe. This study has studied the Facebook page of 650 celebrities including the heads of nations, the heads of governments and the Foreign Minister. This study has included data available on Facebook’s Crowding Tool from January 1, 2017.


In this study, it was reported that in the past 14 months, on Trump’s Facebook page, most interactions were seen in comparison to any global leader. This figure was about 204.9 million interactions, which is near twice the number of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Facebook page. The Facebook page of Narendra Modi’s Facebook page is 113.6 million. 67-year-old PM Modi has always used social media platforms to stay in touch with the public and has encouraged its use. PM Modi is quite active on Twitter too.

By:-Abhay kushwaha


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