Russia and China face fierce ‘hyperSonic missile’


In the face of the mounting threat from Russia and China, the US has also begun to develop a hyper-missile missile.

In the face of the mounting threat from Russia and China, the US has also begun to develop a hyper-missile missile. In the current round, relations with Russia have come at a very low level. At the same time, China continued to threaten the South China Sea. In view of this, the US Air Force is spending nearly one billion dollars on its development. For this, Lockheed Martin has been given a contract of about $ 928 million. This missile is capable of running faster than the speed of the sound. This is a big step in the direction of the Hypersonic Conventional Strike WAPPEN program. America is also preparing a tectonic boost-glide program. It is being prepared with the help of Dapra. Both of them are engaged in developing an advanced prototype that can be left out of American jet. Let us tell you that in the future, a hypermodern missile will play an important role in changing the attitude of the war.

Missile Defense System


American Defense Department officials have publicly said that hyperSonic weapons are capable of attacking US missile systems. It means that the United States is working on a plan to thwart any nuclear attack on its hyper-based missile. Tell you that the speed of the sound is faster than the speed of 5 MACs and the missile is included in the category of the hyperSonic missile. This missile can destroy any missile system. Pentagon Research and Development Head Michael Griffin believes that the ability to create such a missile is only for both China and Russia, in this sense the threat has increased the US. He described the development of hypersonic missile as the first priority. He says that while scaring this kind of danger, it is also necessary that we have such technology and missiles that we can fend off the attack by staging fighter aircraft in a very short time.

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American tests failed


Let us tell you here that the US had tested a Hypersonic missile in February this year, but it was unsuccessful. About four seconds after the launch itself it was destroyed due to its system disturbances. The missile could travel at speeds of 3500 miles per hour and could target its target in any part of the world within half an hour. While giving this information, the Pentagon believed that after its technical failure, its control could go out of control, so it was destroyed. The missile was launched on February 2 from the Kodiak Launch Center in Alaska. Advanced Hypersonic Weapons was built in Sandia National Laboratory and Army in three phases. The failure of this trial had a major setback to the American program.

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What is a hypersonic missile

Such missiles are actually a hyper-Sonic Glide missile. Their specialty is that it involves the characteristics of both cruise and ballistic missiles. Ballistic Missile goes out of the Earth’s atmosphere to a parabolic path and then enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This type of missile ranges from about three to seven thousand kilometers. They are also called hypergolic hinges. It flies at the lower level in the atmosphere and hence it is not easy to intercept. China’s defense experts believe that it can do its job while firing America’s anti-missile system. Due to this, its antioxidant capacity increases, which is why it offers a challenge for the anti-missile system. Let me tell you here that many countries have made missile defense systems to prevent ballistic missile, but HGV is not allowed to stop it. At present, the US, Russia, and China have the potential of HGV.

Russia has done a successful test of hysterics missile


There was an uproar in the US about the development of this missile because Russia had successfully tested its new HyperSonic missile last month. The speed of this hyperSonic anti-ship missile, called ‘Zircon’, is approximately 7400 km Was told hourly. One of the biggest features of this missile was that it was impossible to stop it once it was launched. This Russian missile has destroyed America. This test has been done at a time when there has been a lot of panic over the issue between Syria and America, including Syria.

Even Russian experts are even convinced that this can be the cause of the Third World War. Experts believe that this is the second phase of the Cold War between the two countries which can prove to be very fatal. The missile capability of Russia’s missile is about 400 km Till then. It will be included in the Russian army by 2022. The missile has been used in the scramjet engine, which uses oxygen from the air. There is no moving part in this missile. The first ship to be launched along with Zircon is likely to be one of the Kirov-class nuclear power war cruisers, two of which are still with the Russian Navy.

China also has HyperSonic Missile

China also has HyperSonic Ballistic Missile DF-17. It is capable of hitting in any corner of America. Its range is around 12,000 km. China’s DF-17 can reach the US in an hour.

India will also have a HyperSonic missile

India is also very serious about the hyperSonic missile. It is expected that India too will soon have its own hypersonic anti-ship missile. In India, the second generation BrahMos missile will be prepared. In this case, the same scramjet engine will be used like the Russian missile Jircon. India’s BrahMos missile is a hyperSonic cruise missile.

By:- Abhay kushwaha

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