Samsung Launches World’s First Foldable Smartphone, Worth Surprising


Samsung is now preparing to launch the world’s First Foldable Smartphone

Samsung can soon launch the world’s first Foldable smartphone. Samsung has given the code name winner by early 2019 to this smartphone. According to the media report, this smartphone has a 7-inch display, which looks like a tablet. Apart from this, full view bezel-less screen can be given in it. You can fold this smartphone from the middle. Samsung is trying to create a new Brand Identity for its Foldable Smartphone. It can be made of different brands like the Galaxy S and Note series.

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Samsung believes that the demand for the Foldable smartphone is low, but this technology can be very well liked. At the same time, companies like Apple and Huawei are also working to create a fashionable smartphone. According to the report printed in the Wall Street Journal, the price of this smartphone can be between 1,500 US dollars or the price of this smartphone in India between Rs. 1,03,000.


According to another news, Samsung is developing pilot lines in other countries including Asia, Korea, for the flexible OLED display panel. The Samsung display will complete the first stage of this pilot line by next month. Whereas, from September to second stage can start. By the end of this year, 100,000 foldable display and by the end of next year, it could build up to 10 million foldable displays.

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In addition to the foldable display, the South Korean company is going to start building a flexible battery for this smartphone. The 3,000 to 6,000 mAh battery can be given in this foldable smartphone. Last December, Samsung’s Chief D.J. Koh said that the South Korean company could launch a flawless smartphone in its Galaxy Note series in the beginning of 2018. But, later the company is going to launch it in December.


By:  Abhishek Bajpai


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