Shahrukh Khan’s return to Yash Raj



Shahrukh Khan starred in Yash Raj in 1993, and film fan was his tenth movie.

The relationship between Shahrukh Khan and Yash Raj Banner is very strong. Within two and a half decades, he has done 10 films with Yash Raj and now yes for 11th.

It is reported that Shahrukh Khan once again decided to work with Yash Raj Films. According to the information, he has given Aditya Chopra a green signal for the next film and it is said that after the release of Anand L. Rai’s Zero, he will start working on Yash Raj’s film. Although not all the information about Shah Rukh Khan’s film is being revealed, the discussion is of many types. It is being said that this may be the fourth part of Dhoom because once Aditya Chopra wanted to make a Dhoom series with all three coughs. Aamir has finished third.

ktnewsliveShahrukh Khan not currently relieved of Alibag property

If Shahrukh divides the fourth, Salman may be in Dhoom 5. It is also being told that Aditya Chopra has been trying to make a film on the story of a warrior for some time, that can be a film. Or Yash Raj will bring his old romantic formula with Shahrukh. Shahrukh Khan starred in Yash Raj in 1993, and film fan was his tenth movie.


Shahrukh Khan is about to go to America soon because of the fact that Zero’s Special Sequence shoot is going to shoot in America. In this movie, Shahrukh plays a dwarf and his character’s name is Bauwa. The news is that this film will be shot in Alabama’s rocket center. That is why, on Wednesday, Mumbai’s US consulate reached Shahrukh and Anushka with Anand L. Rai. The news is that the film’s climax scene is about to shoot. It is also news that Katrina will not be seen in this schedule and Seen will be filmed only between Shahrukh and Anushka. The news is that Anushka is in the role of Scientist in this film. The film is about to be released in December.

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