Sixth successful test of Agni 5 equipped with nuclear power, China has its potential



The 50-ton missile is 17.5 meters long, two meters wide and it has the power to carry explosive with 1-ton weight.

India successfully tested the intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-5 at 9.20 am on Sunday morning. India has become the fifth country in the world to develop such missiles. Only US, Russia, France and China have such missiles right now. The ability of the missile to strike a super-active 5 to 8 thousand km of tragic command built with indigenous knowledge skills.



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It was flown into the air today at four number launch complex of Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island). The 50-tonne missile is 17.5 meters long, two meters wide and it has the power to carry explosive with 1-ton weight. Agni -5 running solid propellant in three stages was launched from the Integrated Test Area Complex-4 at 9.24 in the morning. It started flying in the sky directly. During the flight, many of the criteria were studied.



With the test of this missile, half of Europe along with China have come to the region of this missile. Today the test of this missile has made a precarious target in the Indian Ocean. The first test of Agni -5 2012, the second test, 2013, the third test of 2015, the fourth test 2016, the fifth test January 2018, and today the sixth test has been successfully done. The most powerful ballistic missile of the Indian Missile Fleet, Agni-5, will present Mishra in presenting the Indian Army firmly in the map of the world.



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These are 10 features of Agni-5

1. With Agni-5, our country has joined the Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Club with India, America, Russia, China, and France.

2. The strike effect of this missile is fatal. It is 5000 km in 20 minutes Will decide the distance. The goal of a meter meter is also able to penetrate.

3. This missile will make a big difference in the strategic tactics of the country. The entire Asia and Africa continent and most of Europe will be in its JD. America is out of its scope.

4. The missile cannot be stopped once it is missed. It is capable of carrying a 1000 kg nuclear warhead.

5. It is the longest-range missile in India’s missile quiver.



6. Agni-5 missile can be dropped from the camister. It can be carried anywhere through the road. Due to this mercury, this missile can be protected from enemy satellite satellites.

7. The technology of this missile can be used to destroy the satellite of India’s Badman.

8. With this missile, we will gain immense power. Its command will be in the hands of the Strategic Forces Command.

9. 7 km in this 17-meter high missile There is long wiring. This missile will kill in three stages

10. India had the most long-range missile fire-4, which was 3500 to 4000 km. Holds the power to kill.

By:- Abhay kushwaha


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