Telecom companies have made big changes since September 15, now they will get SIM cards



Now it will get a SIM card

It will not be applicable after taking the SIM from the other identity card without the basis.

Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) has announced to implement the system of face recognition in phased manner in verification of identity for telecom companies. It will be from September 15. If this is not the case, companies may have to pay a fine. Earlier this arrangement had to be implemented from July 1. The date was later extended to August 1. Due to lack of preparation for the companies, it had to be discontinued again.

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UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey said that this arrangement of face matching will be applicable only where the basis will be used to take the SIM. It will not be applicable after taking the SIM from the other identity card without the basis. Pandey said that verifying from the face will be convenient for those customers who ccannotverify with fingerprints for any reason. Apart from this, verification through fingerprint and live face photo will also be strengthened.


UIDAI said that wherever the SIM will be taken through the base, it will be necessary to match the photo taken in the e-KYC (base) with live face photo. For this, the telecom company will take a picture of the customer before activating the SIM and match it with the photo of the base. The company has to keep both pictures in its database so that it can be checked at any time during the audit period. Companies have also been given clear instructions that it will be necessary for the customer to be present for the live photo. It will not be valid to take a picture of a photo by putting it in front of the camera.

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UIDAI says that this system of verification through facial is being prepared so that new hazards such as potential cloning of fingerprint can be dealt with. The Authority said that where the customer will provide the Aadhaar number for SIM, the verification will be done through fingerprint or eyeball and face. In which case the customer will give a virtual ID, verification will be done with fingerprint or pupil. If the customer is unable to verify from the fingerprint or pupil, he will have the option to verify from the face. This option will be given to make the system more inclusive.

According to UIDAI’s circular, the telecom companies have been told that they will be matching at least 10 percent verification faces from the total verification done every month from September 15. If they fail to do so, they will have to pay 20 paise for every verification.

By Abhishek Bajpai

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