The issue of serious concern for America is ‘Hafiz Saeed’

Marika has described the mastermind of Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed as a serious concern.

The Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed has described the US as a matter of serious concern. US State Department spokesman Heather Nart said, “Hafiz Saeed Azad is a matter of serious concern for the US.” We have kept a reward for his arrest. ‘


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Let us know that a controversial statement by Nawaz Sharif a few days ago was a ruckus in Pakistan. A Pakistani newspaper published a conversation by Nawaz Sharif. In it, Nawaz Sharif had admitted that Pakistan had a hand in the 2008 terror attack on Mumbai. The national security committee of the country has said that the issue of Pakistan’s hand in the Mumbai attack was wrong.

By:- Abhishek Bajpai

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