John Abraham on the controversy over the release of the trailer on Pokhran Anniversary



John said that he would definitely try to show the film to the government through special screening.

There was a long debate about John Abraham’s film Nuclear There was considerable debate about the release date of the film between the inspiration for the production of producer Arora and John Abraham. John fought his fight legally and after the ending of the release date, the film’s release date was announced and now the film is being released on May 25. The special thing is that the trailer of the movie has been released on the same day, the day on which the nuclear test was conducted in Pokhran 20 years ago i.e. 11th May 1998.

The movie is entirely dedicated to this historic day. The special thing was that the trailer of the movie was released right in the afternoon at 3:45 pm. John Abraham was present on this occasion with his entire team and he sparked the whole controversy over the film and said that he feels like the release of this movie is not less than any nuclear test. Since there has been such controversy even after filming.

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John acknowledged that he was also mentally tortured at times. But the film’s director Abhishek Sharma explained to him that he will not go back and will win the truth. During the trailer launch, John and film director Abhishek Sharma thanked him for the decision of the High Court, who ruled in the right of John. John says that this is a great history and a big moment. They wonder why people have not made the film so far.

Released in Pakistan

Being a producer, John has clarified that this film is not anti-Pakistan. What has happened has been shown. So they do not think they will have trouble releasing the film in any part. Although there are True Events in the film. But there is no true character. It is not a biopic film nor a documentary. There is no dancing and singing in it, but the audience will still remain completely tied. John says that he enjoys taking risks.

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That’s why she is making movies like Madras Cafe, Wiki Donor and now Nuclear. He has also admitted that he will never make Adult Comedy as a producer since such movies are all making and they do not have to walk on the ropes. That is why they have chosen such films. John wants that there should be no negative talk about the movie.

The film’s director Abhishek Sharma has told that his whole team has researched it. But he has also said that the names of characters in the film will not be real. Because if he used the correct names, he had to take permission from the security region and also many other types of permission. So the characters will be fictional.


John on dispute

John told that he has given a lot of time in this film. He placed full attention on the film after Force 2, as he had to do good films. In such a situation, this film had become a child for him and if someone tries to tease his child, he will throw it out. Obviously, his gesture was on the other man, who was involved in the controversy over the film, who was earlier associated with the film.

Screening for government

John said that he would definitely try to show the film to the government through special screening. Please tell that this film has been directed by Abhishek Sharma, who made him bin Laden before.

By:-Abhay kushwaha


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