The size of this black hole is growing rapidly in the universe …. then life on earth will end!



Scientists say that the size of this black hole is growing rapidly and its brightness is thousands of times more than a whole galaxy.

 Scientists have discovered the fastest growing black hole in the universe. Explaining in detail, Australian National University scientists say that it is such a huge celestial body that can swallow astronomical objects of sun mass every two days.

Scientists have researched more than 120 years ago when the entire universe used to be in a black hole in the dark. During that time the size of this huge monster black hole was equal to 20 billion suns. It has increased in size every 10 years at the rate of 1 percent. But in recent years, the increase in its size is getting faster.



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Christian Wolff of Australian National University has said that the size of this black hole is growing rapidly and its brightness is thousands of times more than a whole galaxy. The amount of gas absorbed by the amount of gas every day is increasing rapidly in the universe.

He said that if it is located between our Milky Galaxy (Milky Way our galaxy, which is located in the Earth and Solar System), then it will give 10 times more light than the Moon. It will be so bright that it can eliminate the brightness of all stars in the sky.


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The energy from this black hole discovered by the name ‘Kasar‘ is mostly extracted from ultraviolet rays and also contains X-ray rays. He also told that if it is established near the Milky Galaxy near the Earth, then there will be no scope for survival on the planet due to the maximum harmful and poisonous energy released from it.

He said that the way the shape, color, and direction of the universe varies from time to time, similarly the nature of this body is also changing. Said that such black holes are quite rare in the universe. He explained that this supermassive black hole was detected with the help of European Space Agency Gaia Satellite.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai

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