The US said, will have to suffer the deployment of China cruise missiles in the South China Sea.



The United States has threatened to end the war on deploying fatal missiles in the disputed South China Sea.

 The situation of confrontation between the United States and China over the South China Sea is increasing now. In this area, the United States has threatened to end the war on deploying fatal missiles. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Thursday that the Trump administration has raised this issue before the Chinese leadership. In response to a question about China’s growing militarization on the disputed South China Sea, Sarah Sanders said, “We are aware of the militarization of China’s South China Sea. The near and long-term results will be met. We have raised this issue in front of Chinese leadership.


Pentagon concern

Explain that China defended the deployment of anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems in the disputed South China Sea. He said that his ‘unquestioning dominion’ was in this area. Although Pentagon expressed concern over the creation of Chinese military in the disputed area. Pentagon Chief Spokesman Dana White said while talking to the reporters, “We are very vocal about the concerns related to the militarization of these artificial islands. China has to realize that they have benefited from free sea navigation and the US Navy is its guarantor.

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At the same time, the American Intelligence Agency estimates that there is a high probability that the Chinese army has deployed ship and anti-aircraft missiles during the military exercises in this disputed water body. The South China Sea is one of the most disputed areas in the world. Many countries, including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, make this claim.


Our indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea: China

Explain that for the past several days, speculation was being made that China is engaged in setting up its military system in the South China Sea. In the media reports of US, it was also claimed that China has deployed missiles at three places in the disputed area. Although China’s statement on Thursday confirmed these conclusions. China said that its the South China Sea has undisputed sovereignty. It has been reported that China has deployed deadly anti-ship cruise missiles and ground-to-air missile systems on three islands of the region.

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China had done big practice last month

It is worth noting that earlier in April China had done its best in this field. During this time, the most advanced weapons of the country’s Aircraft Carrier Strike Group and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were demonstrated for the first time. This largest military exercise in the Chinese sea was done at a time when America sent its warships and aircraft to the artificial islands made by China under the Freedom of Navigation (freedom of shipping).

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