These answers came from Irrfan on the help of Shah Rukh Khan

 The statement states that there is no truth in this story.

Anupriya Verma, Mumbai Just a few days back, this news was quite viral on social media that Irfan Khan’s health had deteriorated and when he was going to London for treatment, Shahrukh Khan not only helped Irfan, but also the keys of his London house It was also told that irfan had no problem in England, it was also taken care of.

Shahrukh Khan had a lot of applause about this news but the Irfan Khan spokesman has issued a statement about the news. The statement states that there is no truth in this story. Spokespersons say that this is just a rumor and someone has made this whole story sitting by himself and after that this story is spreading all over.

It is true that both are good friends, but there is no truth in this story that both the people had met before going to London and they had such a conversation. The spokesman says that this whole news is not made by any reliable sources, so believing this is not right.

A few days ago there were reports that when Irfan was scheduled to go to London, his wife Sutta Sikdar had called on Shahrukh that Irfan wanted to meet him. Shahrukh was shooting at Mehboob Studios of Mumbai at that time. Later Shahrukh met Irfan and stayed with the family for nearly two hours.

During this time, he handed the keys of his London house to Irfan’s family so that there is no shortage of home in the country. Irfan’s family accepted the keys. The relationship with Shahrukh and Irfan are quite old. Shahrukh Khan made the film Biloo in the lead role of Irfan Khan in the year 2009, in which Irfan played lead role and Shahrukh Khan played an extended cameo.


By Abhishek Bajpai

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