Some most popular Bollywood stars are doing three or four marriages


From Dharmendra to Aamir Khan and Dilip Kumar to Saif Ali Khan, there are many stars who have married again.

There are many stars in Bollywood who have not married. There are also many who have changed their ways after getting married after a divorce. So there are some extraordinary couples who have been enjoying a marriage with their life partner for a long time. But, today we are talking about the stars who have made marriages more than once, not two but more.

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is also included in the list of stars who have not married one but more than that. Recognition Dutt is Sanjay’s third wife. Sanjay Dutt was married in 2008 with recognition. Prior to accreditation, Sanjay had given his second wife Riya Pillai the Divorce (1998-2005). Sanjay’s first wife was named Richa Sharma, who died from brain tumor in 1996. Sanjay and Richa got married in 1987. Sanjay has a daughter from Richa- Trishala.

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Kishore Kumar

It is not hidden from anyone that Kishore Kumar had four marriages. Kishore Kumar did her first marriage at the age of 21. Becomes His First Wife – The famous Bengali actress and singer Ruma Guha Thakurta. Whom he had a son, Amit Kumar. But, after eight years of marriage, both of them got divorced. Kishore Kumar got married in Bollywood in 1960, Madhubala, the famous Bollywood actor, in court. Madhubala died in 1969 and after that Kishore Kumar married Bollywood actress Yogita Bali in 1976. This marriage lasted only for two years. Two years after divorcing Yogita Bali, Kishore Kumar made her fourth marriage with Bollywood actress Lina Chandravarkar in 1980.

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi is an actor who recently surprised everyone by marrying his fourth marriage at the age of 70. His first marriage was with Dancer Protima Bedi (1969-1973), due to which his daughter Pooja Bedi and son Siddhartha. He did the second wedding with British fashion designer Susanne Humphrey This marriage could not last for a long time. Kabir did the third marriage in the 1990s with TV and radio proximity Nikki. This relationship ended in divorce in 2005. Since then, Kabir was in a relationship with British actress and model Parvin Dosanjh. After staying in Live-in for some time now both of them have got married. The special thing is that Kabir’s fourth wife Parveen (age 40 years) is also four years younger than his daughter Pooja Bedi.

Karan Singh Grover

Actor and model Karan Singh Grover last year married his third marriage with actress Bipasha Basu. Before this, she has split after marrying actress Jennifer Vintage and Shraddha Corporation.

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Neelima Azeem

Not only actors but also some actresses are included in this list. Actress Neelima Azeem of small and parallel films has made three weddings. Nilima had first married actor Pankaj Kapoor. Actor Shahid Kapoor is his son. When Shahid was three years old, both of them separated. After separation from Pankaj, Neelima married the second daughter to Rajesh Khattar. Whom they have a son named Ishaan. In 2001, Rajesh Khattar too had the separation of Neelima and Neelima finally got married to his childhood friend Ustad Raza Ali Khan in the third.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra has also done three marriages. He married the third party in 1990, from film critique and writer Anupama Chopra. Before Anupama, he was married to Renu Saluja and Shabnam Sukhdev.

Siddharth Roy Kapur

Siddharth Roy Kapoor has third married actress    Vidya Balan. Prior to Vidya, Siddhartha had a second marriage with a child producer, Aarti Bajaj, with a TV producer . They were separated from them. Let’s say that there are long queues in Bollywood for those who marry more than one. From Dharmendra to Aamir Khan and Dilip Kumar to Saif Ali Khan, there are many stars who again get married.


By:- Deepika Singh


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