These are the world most expensive scooters, you will be shocked to hear the price


In November last year, the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Scooter was launched in India. Its X-showroom price is 12.04 lakhs

 Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Scooter was launched in India last year in November. Its X-showroom price is 12.04 lakh rupees. Seeing its price, people thought it was the most expensive scooter in the world, but it is not so. Speaking of India only recently, Vespa had launched India’s second most expensive scooter. From this, expensive scooters are also available in the market. Today we are giving you information about 5 most expensive scooters.

1. Aprilia SRV 850 ABS / stuck




This scooter in the Indian market is the world’s most expensive and powerful scooter. Its ex-showroom price in Delhi is about Rs.15.05 lakhs. Double cradle, SRV 850 made on steel trail frames is inspires from Aprilia RSV4. This scooter has a fuel injected 839 cc engine which generates torque of 76 PS and 76.4 Nm of torque. There are features like Performance Breaking and ABS. For safety, it has also been given the ATC (Aprilia Traction control).


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2. Vespa 946 Emporio Armani




This scooter’s X-showroom in India is 12.04 lakh rupees. It has a fuel injected 125 CC engine which generates 11.9 PS power and 10.03 Nm torque. The reason for its high price is its look. It has been specially designed keeping its company Piazio’s 130th Anniversary and the 40th Anniversary of Fashion House Giorgio Armani. There is a special light green shed and a unique gray-green pants scheme. Many parts of it are branded Imperio Armani.

3. Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive




Its price in the Indian market is about 7.5 lakh rupees. This scooter comes with Parallel-Twin Motor, 638cc engine and two Flu Automatic Modes (Drive and Power). For the brake it has been given ABS system. This scooter comes with good space, smooth suspension system and backrest for passenger. In the latest model, the remote-adjusting windshield will also be given.


ktnewsliveWithout gasoline, the scooter will be delivered from June, 80 kilometers of mileage


4. BMW C 650




The scooter, which offers comfortable and powerful driving experiences, has a 647cc, twin-cylinder engine that gives a power of 60 PS. The scooter also has an ASC (Automatic Stability Control) system with ABS. These systems take care of scooters while walking on bad roads. In addition, there is an SVA (Side View Assist) system that helps you to see the running trains while driving. Its price is 7.22 lakh rupees.

5. Yamaha TMAX




This scooter, which was launched about 15 years ago, is also called ‘Sportbike of Scooter’. The scooter worth Rs 7.15 lakh has been the best selling scooter in its category. So far 2.33 lakh units have been sold. The company launched its 2017 model, which is more stylish than ever before. Its automotive engine gives a torque of 46 PS power and 53 Nm. This scooter with aluminum frame has features such as Traction Control System, ABS, and Keyless Ignition.

BY:- Abhay kushwaha

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