Twitter suggests 330 million users change the password, know what’s the way?

Twitter asked 330 million users to change their password because of the disturbances in the internal system

 Social networking site Twitter has suggested more than 330 million users change their password. This information has come out through a Twitter blog post. According to this blog post, due to a disturbance in the company’s internal computer system, users have been advised to change their password.

In the blog, Twitter said that this internal disturbance has been corrected and internal checks have not tampered with any user’s password, nor have their data been stolen. But we still urge our users to change their password.

However, the company did not even tell how many accounts were affected due to this technical glitch. According to this blog on Twitter, this glitch was related to Twitter’s Hasing Technology, due to which it masking users’ passwords and turning them into numbers and letters. Twitter has also apologized through the blog for this.

To change Twitter’s password, follow these steps:

1 First, log in to your Twitter account.

2 Now you can navigate to ‘Settings and Privacy’.

3 You can enter your old password by clicking on ‘Password’ here.

4 Now you have the option of entering a new password, enter a new password here.


5 Note- Keep in mind that if you use your old password for any other account then change it as well.

To secure account ‘To-Factor Authentication’ Enabled:

After creating a new password, if you did not enable ‘Two-Factor Authentication’, then you should enable it. Follow the steps given below to enable it.

1  First, log in to your Twitter account.

2 Now you can navigate to ‘Settings and Privacy‘.

3 After this, click on ‘Review Your Login Verification Methods‘ in the subsection of ‘Security’.

4 By entering your new password here you can confirm that you want to use it.

5 After this, enter your active mobile number, whenever you log in to a new device or browser, you will receive an SMS verification code. After entering this code, you will be able to login to your account from next time.

6 If someone besides you tries to log in to your account, you will receive an SMS, which will tell you that someone is trying to login to your account. After following all these steps, your Twitter account can be completely secure.


By:- Abhishek Bajpai


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