Vodafone-Idea Merger: Will Users Have To Accept New Sim, And Answer of 5 Questions


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The country’s second and third largest telecom companies have got government approval for the merger of Vodafone and Idea. After this, no formal declaration has been made about the name of the company, but sources say that the name of this company can be Vodafone Idea Limited. Telecom department has given the idea of giving 3, 926 crore rupees for the Vodafone spectrum and Rs 3,942 crore as bank guarantee from Idea. In this post, we will answer some of the questions that Vodafone and Idea users are slightly confused.

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First question: Will the users have to take a new SIM after Vodafone-Idea merger?

Answer: The answer is no. Users do not need to get a new SIM after Vodafone-Idea merger. The main reason for this is that users already have 4G SIM. Because the last 4G SIM has already been in the trend. In such a situation, there is no need to replace old SIM. However, it may be necessary that if the mergers bring new SIMs with new branding, then users can get a new SIM.

Second question: Who will benefit from Vodafone or Idea Merger?

Answer: After Vodafone or Idea Merger, the two companies will have the biggest advantage to the customers. The company will have more than 43 crores subscribers. This will make it the country’s largest company. Vodafone is considered better in urban areas and Idea is better in rural areas. After this merger, the new company will make good gains in both urban and rural areas.

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Third question: What will the customers benefit?

After Vodafone or Idea Merger, the maximum benefit will be to the customers. This is because new plans will be introduced after the new company is formed. After this, the price war will start again in the market. Users are expected to get data, voice, and other features, in less cost.

Fourth question: What will change in Vodafone-Idea plans?

Answer: At present, there is no official comment from the company regarding this matter. To know about the changes in the plans after the merger, there will be a wait for the merger.

Fifth question: What will be the impact on Vodafone-Idea merger after the market?

Answer: After Vodafone-Idea Merger, there will be the top three telecom companies in the country, including Vodafone Idea Limited, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio. Apart from this, BSNL will also be there, but its market share is only 5-6 per cent. Any price war that will hit the market will be between these three companies.


By:-  Abhishek Bajpai

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