Without gasoline, the scooter will be delivered from June, 80 kilometers of mileage


In this scooter run by India’s first lithium-ion battery, the company has given many such features that make it quite different from other scooters.

Continuous entry of new players into the electric two-wheeler segment. In November last year, Haryana’s Start-Up Twenty to Motors introduced the prototype of its first Smart Electric Scooter Flow in India and after that, the company launched it during the auto expo in February. The company has priced the price of 74,740 rupees (ex-showroom Delhi). However, this scooter will be delivered to customers from the month of June. Explain that the company started its booking with its launch.

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In this scooter run by India’s first lithium-ion battery, the company has given many such features which make it quite different from other scooters. The company has included Artificial Intelligence, Digital Console, Electronic Bracken, LED Lights, Geo-Fencing and many other features. It has a DC motor that runs on the lithium-ion battery. It is capable of torque 60Nm. This battery will take up to five hours to complete the charge and once it is fully charged it can distance up to 80 kilometers. Its top speed is 60kmph. Along with that, the company is offering an additional battery for this scooter.


The first touchscreen Android scooter will launch soon:

Bangalore-based startup company Athar Energy is preparing to launch the first touch-skinned electric scooter in the country. The name of this scooter will be Ether S340, it will have an Android-based touchscreen display, as well as features like Push Navigation, Parking Assist System, Waterproof Charger, Multiple Riding Modes and LED Lights. The booking of the Ather S340 will start in June and it can be launched by the end of this year, according to media reports, it can be worth 75 thousand rupees. For information, let us know that the company had introduced it at the 2016 Auto Show.

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For power, it will be provided in the S340 lithium-ion battery pack. Once full charge, you can set a distance of 60 kilometers. Its top speed will be 72 kilometers per hour. It can be charged up to 80 percent in just 50 minutes and its battery life is being reported to 50,000 kilometers.


By:-Abhay kushwaha


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